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I felt motivated (primarily by the extremely affordable hosting plans available these days) to publish and hopefully preserve some history of world2ch, 4chan's earliest days, and other happenings of the Internet ca. late 2003. Actually, I won't be preserving shit. As soon as I lose interest and stop paying my bills, archive.org will be the one in charge of that.

Before we get started, let me get a few things out of the way:

There's one other piece of business: Are you from world2ch or the early days of 4chan? Are you not a whiny little bitch? Would you like to tell stories of your experiences, perhaps provide choice images from that era, or have other fun artifacts for publication here? Contact me: admin@world2ch.org. Even better, say it on the BBS.

You thought you could delete it? You were wrong! Also available in stunning html!

11 July 2011