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For those intersted in 4chan history only, that begins at >>15. For all others, please enjoy the ride.
Death to Something Awful
1 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 09/25/2003 13:06UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Complaints about its culture aside, SomethingAwful's $10 registration fee makes it an elitist, walled community.

DEATH TO SOMETHINGAWFUL. Get everyone out of the darn anime forum there and get them to post here instead!
2 Name: Internet: 09/25/2003 17:43UTC ID:cKeOg6rg By Other Language (Permelink)
Get off me.
3 Name: Nameless: 09/25/2003 22:37UTC ID:5TaBW8gM By Other Language (Permelink)
The war has begun!
4 Name: Nameless: 09/26/2003 04:02UTC ID:WWobvgyQ By Other Language (Permelink)
Nice troll, but try sticking it in a forum that isn't half-dead, kthx.
5 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 09/26/2003 06:07UTC ID:TTbHbXFs By Other Language (Permelink)
WTF is this shit?
6 Name: Nameless: 09/26/2003 12:47UTC ID:1poGYbHg By Other Language (Permelink)
7 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 09/26/2003 14:19UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
It's not a troll... World2ch shall conquer SA :P
8 Name: Nameless: 09/26/2003 23:12UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
SA wuvs U ?? ??
( *^ 3(,,???)
? .| | \
~(_UU ?UUO)~
Editor's note: the text art is lost.
9 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 09/27/2003 02:43UTC ID:phQl50Hw By Other Language (Permelink)
You know, SA is great. It would be even greater if they'd reopen the damned 2chan thread!*$&!&$%^&!
10 Name: Nameless: 09/29/2003 02:52UTC ID:jx1hvS5U By Other Language (Permelink)
9.95$.... Its difficult for Japanese to resist.
11 Name: Nameless: 09/29/2003 05:52UTC ID:L40I3DUU By Other Language (Permelink)
haha, japanese invade 2ch and post only japanese ^-^
12 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 09/29/2003 23:01UTC ID:+4YIXo2Y By Other Language (Permelink)
sa sucks and is breeding the future fox sitcom writers of america
13 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 09/30/2003 03:10UTC ID:nY+DpqWc By Other Language (Permelink)
>>12 I wouldn't agree with you at all if the front page hadn't insulted me so much today. Zack Parsons? I have no Zack Parsons!
14 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 09/30/2003 12:38UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>13 Hahahaha, if I say "_______" sucks it makes me better than "_______". This is the easiest SA story ever and it makes me feel good too. Stupid ----ing death metal fans, who do they think they are? The real cool people are listening to System of a Down. Ah yeah. Stupid anime fans.
15 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 03:14UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
The thing that angers me about 4chan is that the thread started out like "hey look at our TOTALLY ORIGINAL IDEA that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE." Here we've been FOR MONTHS and no one seems to remember.
16 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 03:21UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
That and their trip codes don't work. That's a sign of suckage if I ever saw one. ALSO, it looks like they went and translated the code for the futaba imgboard without realizing that it's already been done (albiet partially) by world2ch. That or they ripped us off. Either way: Fuckers.
17 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 12:13UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
If you look in their Hentai forum, you can see their reasoning for doing it, that is to say, they don't have one. Either they accepted our declaration of war :) or they just think this forum isn't 31337 (read: faux-stupid) enough for them.
18 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 12:23UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
>>17 'sup Mechi? Also: This hentai forum is part of the ADTRW.org forum or a thread in SA? I'd like to see their lack of reason...
19 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 12:46UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
http://4chan.net/ :
"Everyone is equally welcomed at this website, as long as you keep your drama and warring elsewhere. By trying to start flamewars between 2chan, world2ch, and 4chan, you're just hurting the web-based English anime community."
This is in HEAVY conflict with his half-joking motto:
"a comprehensive english based resource for the collection and distribution of yaoi and dickgirlz"
This just in, retard: Outside of the Something Awful Forums, "yaoi and dickgirlz" are a not major feature of 2ch, or even anime. 4chan is not part of the anime community, it is part of the wanking-off "community".
20 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 12:47UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
By the hentai forum, I mean their "Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse" forum.
http://4chan.net/ :
"Everyone is equally welcomed at this website, as long as you keep your drama and warring elsewhere. By trying to start flamewars between 2chan, world2ch, and 4chan, you're just hurting the web-based English anime community."
This is in HEAVY conflict with his half-joking motto:
"a comprehensive english based resource for the collection and distribution of yaoi and dickgirlz"
This just in, retard: Outside of the Something Awful Forums, "yaoi and dickgirlz" are a not major feature of 2ch, or even anime. 4chan is not part of the anime community, it is part of the wanking-off "community".
21 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 13:03UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Sorry about the double post. The child porn in their "random" forum is making me nauseous.
22 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 13:15UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
Wait... wait... I get it, you're crazy. Dude, chill. "Yaoi and dickgirlz" is there because it's funny. ADTRW is certainly not a hentai forum. Once again, you're crazy. There's going to be plenty of warring because they stole world2ch's idea and possibly its code without the least bit of recognition. They could have said anything mentioning world2ch's [sub-par] efforts and I would have been cool with it. The thing that has infuriated me the most is that they seem to think they have an absolutely original idea and it most certainly is not.
Now relax and think of some better ways to photo-insult 4chan because I'm out of ideas.
23 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 13:22UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
Wait. moot says this: "2chan knows all and answers all, and even with world2ch and translators, I still can't get my questions answered or partake in SMILEY WARS... "
So we were mentioned... So I drop a few accusations. This doesn't mean I'm not bitter, though.
One more thing: The greatest opportunity lies before us. If we can draw attention to ourselves, world2ch might live.
24 Name: drama drama: 10/02/2003 13:54UTC ID:7YYJjA0E By Other Language (Permelink)
mew mew mew mew mew
25 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 14:02UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>22 /"Yaoi and dickgirlz" is there because it's funny./
It's not funny when they're actually posting child porn to their imgboards! I have half a mind to call their ISP on them.
>>23 /If we can draw attention to ourselves, world2ch might live./
Er... you noticed... :)
26 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 14:16UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>25 Read a bit closer. It's under the wing of Apis Networks, which is pretty much in league with SA to the core. Furthermore, it's not child pornography, those are dumb drawings of fictional characters which is entirely protected by the 1st amendment, like it or not.
27 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 14:21UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Yeah, it's technically legal, but I don't think anyone other than Apis would allow it on their section of the Web. Bad luck :(
So, the "Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse" is actually non-hentai. Why do they stand for that name? If I had to pay $10 to register for forums, Nazi moderation and general stupidity would not be a good deal for my money.
28 Name: drama drama: 10/02/2003 14:25UTC ID:7YYJjA0E By Other Language (Permelink)
Menchi, I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of a "joke."

Many people use them every day. You should try one sometime.
29 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 14:33UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>28 So funny I forgot to laugh.
30 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/02/2003 14:52UTC ID:k4KSMCJ6 By Other Language (Permelink)
>>27 Something Awful thrives on the worst elements of any subculture or genre. That and Lowtax & Cronies are suspected of thinking anime is gay. The tentacle rape in the name is the two-fold result of SA heritage and the punishment of SA's anime nerds. That and it's FUNNY if you have a sense of humor about it.

Also, I was wondering how you could possibly be able to browse the Japanese 2chan image boards without running across stuff even more despicable than what's showing up on 4chan. I've seen terrible things on 2chan and I'm wondering what brand of magic goggles you wear to filter stuff out.

Also, what are you, like fourteen? Come on...
31 Name: drama drama: 10/02/2003 14:57UTC ID:7YYJjA0E By Other Language (Permelink)
Wow, good comeback, Potsie.
32 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 15:11UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>30 I realise it's not a serious title, but it /is/ a seriously pathetic joke.

As for the 2chan imgboards, 2ch is unmoderated, whereas both 4chan and world2ch are in theory moderated.

Not too far off. You are my superior in the 4chan... thingy.

>>31 I am slain by your counter-riposte, dramadrama.
33 Name: menchutsu: 10/02/2003 20:12UTC ID:7YYJjA0E By Other Language (Permelink)
Shut the fuck up, Menchi. Nobody likes you.
34 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 10/02/2003 21:07UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>33 Shutting up. Bye-bye world2ch.
35 Name: Generic Something Awful Member: 10/02/2003 21:10UTC ID:6NMa/s3A By Other Language (Permelink)
Jesus, are some people here insecure, or what? If you don't like 4chan, just ignore it and stay here.
36 Name: moot: 10/02/2003 21:31UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
I'll try to address each post, sorry if I miss one.

First I'd like to thank you all for not contacting me via email, and hiding behind this world2chan alliance thingy that was formed. I really do stress that importance of MAILING me and voicing concerns. Hats off to those that read further than the sarcastic quote on the main page.

>>1 First of all, you've obviously never read or been a part of the SA forums. ADTRW is only a small fraction of SA's community, and 99% of the members will gladly argue it is well worth the $10, if not more.

>>6 This is a reply to six and the others posts following it. 4chan is not ADTRW only , in fact I wanted it to be broader. The reason ADTRW currently encompasses the board is the fact that they're actually posting, and not brooding up half-witted anti-4chan remarks here. ADTRW is also the only board I posted 4chan on, as some of the members helped me out.

Let me also stress the stuff written on the SA main page, has almost nothing to do with the mentality and members of the forums. Two completely different worlds guys.

>>16 Correct! I didn't even know futaba was public until I had fully translated Gazou myself. After that I edited the entire code MYSELF(hova helped), as I had no clue the 0ch script even "existed". Good way to draw up accusations!
37 Name: St0rmD: 10/02/2003 21:32UTC ID:LSEMT+8s By Other Language (Permelink)
38 Name: moot: 10/02/2003 21:32UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>17 I don't read world2ch on a regular basis. It was real smart of you to post here rather than contact me, telling me that this post existed, and that you have in fact "declared war".

>>18 4chan has nothing to do with SA, other than the fact I posted it there. It's not some sort of super secret ADTRW conspiracy to bring world2ch down, sorry :( The only people who have helped out so far, have actually e-mailed me! What a surprise, I actually read e-mails (HINT).

>>19 About the motto. Sarcasm, you've heard of it right? For lack of a better motto, I stuck that up there. I guess I'll have to change it for some of our slower friends.

>>21 Stop using "their" please, thanks. That board was merely the first thing I stuck up. I do not care if it becomes a shitfest, as it will be taken down when I find people to moderate (read: NAZI BAN) the serious anime boards. Moderation is the only way we can keep this evil evil pedo hentai out, because we all know ADTRW is a bunch of 40 year old pedophiles who have nothing better to do than look at pictures of women and children with penises!

>>22 I'm sorry that I failed to give world2ch enough credit. Why did I not? Frankly I don't use these boards much, other than an occasional view or two, and yes, all of the coding was edited by myself and hova. I actually flipped out on IRC after someone informed me futaba was public. What a waste of work...
39 Name: moot: 10/02/2003 21:32UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>25 Was it you who sent nem that e-mail!? Jesus that was a great laugh, thanks dude!

>>26 nem, who I have hosted with for a while has donated bandwidth to host 4chan. There is no "wing" of SA, or conspiracy to only use him as a host. He offers MANY services for members and provides reliable hosting, that is the reason I chose him to host 4chan.

>>27 ADTRW, is again, and sarcastic (and quite humourous in the eyes of many), name for a forum. Most of the admins/moderators do not enjoy anime, in fact the majority of SA despises the SUB-forum. We are our own community.

>>28 I like you.

>>30 Dear sir,
Thank you for insulting me without ever speaking with me. I look forward to having a real two way conversation with you in the future. There must be a few people here that agree insulting boards that you have never used, is incredibly stupid.

>>32 I'll change it if I must appease worldch.

>>34 Thanks!
40 Name: moot: 10/02/2003 21:32UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)

That should be everything. I again stress contacting me if you have concerns, flames, or praise for the site. Posting angsty threads on a small corner of the internet doesn't necessarily attract a webmaster's attention.

Feel free to rip me apart/whatever, this wasn't a "pro-SA world2ch SUCKS LET'S DECLARE WAR!!!!!1111" post. It's simply me posting in defense of myself. I again reiterate 4chan != ADTRW, and anyone who thinks otherwise could very well be an ignoramous.


41 Name: moot: 10/02/2003 21:34UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Oh PS: I didn't read over anything I typed, feel free to insult grammatical errors.

42 Name: Tark: 10/02/2003 22:20UTC ID:Dm8yfM3o By Other Language (Permelink)
To clarify any such ambiguities that may arise:
1) We host adult content, we host several adult-content laden sites. Does it perturb us? No, not really.
2) We're not the only HSP out there for SA, we actually do have competition and while we have a large market share of users from SA, it is not the crux. We aren't under the wing and there isn't some massive conspiracy out there.
3) I hate anime personally, it's an obligation we deferred to moot.
4) Please, before you attempt to dispatch another e-mail from a username of 'Spam Is Tasty', please be aware of what pornography is, our stance, and what is art. Certainly, you can construe, as a nimble-minded individual, anime as blatant pornography of naked animals and other weird incongruities with normal human society, but then again, it is art work. I shall now kindly paste what I received this morning regarding 4chan:

A website which you appear to be hosting, http://img.4chan.net/b/ , is in my opinion violating your Acceptable Use Policy. If you browse through its the archives, you will see many uploaded pictures that are definitely pornographic and involving children (albeit technically not *illegal* child porn), as well as some other rather gruesome pictures.

Please - I stress - read through our Acceptable Use Policy. Read through our 'Resource Center', then fire an e-mail off.

As a concluding thought: do NOT write an e-mail trying to make an argument with "in my opinion". The weakest foundation of an argument rests in that clause, be assertive and don't use a fictional name.
43 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/02/2003 22:55UTC ID:NlN9zhvg By Other Language (Permelink)
this thread is making me sick and ruining the post work w2ch exp and has some of the wordiest posts on w2ch how long till post counts at 4chan anyway >>42 where's your tag? go and die plz
44 Name: LOL: 10/02/2003 23:16UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
This is the most LOLLIN'ist thread on the internet I've ever read. Such concentrated stupidity from Menchi...
45 Name: Richard from GNU.org: 10/02/2003 23:19UTC ID:6NMa/s3A By Other Language (Permelink)
Holy fuck - there is a serious lack of freedom here!

I'm not sure when SCO bought the rights to the futaba, but you fuckers all need to grow a dick and stop being so upset that someone else has decided to do the same thing as world2ch.

Emailing a hosting service to try and shut down a competing site - do you go after Jews and Gypsies too, you fucking Nazi assholes??

The irony kills me.

You can keep your System V source,

Rick Stallman
46 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/03/2003 00:28UTC ID:ffY+WRdg By Other Language (Permelink)
>>45 Holy shit. Can we have a post from Jon Katz, Jeff Godell or someother post-Well technorati upstate NY faggot please?
47 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 00:49UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
What an absolute shitfest.

>>34 Good?
>>39 No e-mail here, dude. Also, the insult was targeted at Menchi? I gave you a little credit and I'm having a change of heart here. World2ch is a trainwreck of a bulletin board. Also, about the code: that clears that up and it's too bad you put so much effort into something that was already done for you (consult it for the bit on trip codes).
48 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 01:00UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
And now a note to no one in particular:
Look at this place. We have upwards of six users. We have about twenty boards two of which people post in on a regular basis. And even then, it's never anything worth reading. Our admin doesn't speak English and continues to add useless features, all the while subtracting useful ones. That which appealed to me was the fact that, if you're careful, no one short of the government has any idea who you are when you post on world2ch. Here you're free to discuss whatever you like, drama it up and you can't track it back in your house. I'm hoping 4chan can continue this tradition of anonynomity [and drama].
49 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 01:01UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
first post.
50 Name: Ryoga Masaki: 10/03/2003 03:27UTC ID:GLulqkQ2 By Other Language (Permelink)
I'm all for 4chan being a 'real' alternative to 2ch. I'm certainly enjoying it right now. But I really hope they add some actual BBS's instead of just imgboards. (not that I'm complaining about the imgboards :3)

I found world2ch only a few days ago, hoping it would be an understandable version of the awesome that is 2ch. Like you said, though, this place is rarely frequented, and even then it's mediocre, at best.
51 Name: Ryoga Masaki: 10/03/2003 03:29UTC ID:GLulqkQ2 By Other Language (Permelink)
Er, I suppose I should make it clear, I plan to stay here on w2ch as long it remains open, in the hopes that one day it grows.
52 Name: moot: 10/03/2003 03:39UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
To those that have e-mailed me with suggestions, questions, apologies, etc: Thanks.

>>47 Sorry, but I have no clue what trip codes are. Care to inform me? Would be much appreciated.
>>48 4chan should be as anonymous as you'd like. At the moment I am the only one with access to any type of IP information, as there are no "janitors" I believe you call them.

Other than no IPs, what else would help safeguard those that wish to remain in the shadows?


Again I reiterate my offer for you guys coming over. Abandon w2ch? I'm not saying that, I'm just saying you'd be helping build a new, fresh (ALIVE) community.

Everyone is welcome as long as they don't start trouble (aside from a flame (read: suggestion) board that may go up soon.
53 Name: moot: 10/03/2003 04:22UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
What non-image boards would you guys want/recommend? Need some topics before I can make them.
54 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 04:35UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
>>52 moot, I'm going to e-mail you with some code samples to show you where it's done. For everyone else who doesn't know this is the deal with trip codes:

My name on every reply shows up as: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2

That last part is a trip code. It's a measure (while not a bullet-proof one) to ensure that replies are from a unique user. In the "Name" box you type in name#text_string and the system will spit out name@crypted_jibberish. So, it's kind of like a password. # results in a self-cap (sorry, I'm spouting out 2ch lingo but I can't help it). If you're chums with admin you can request an official cap which is entered name!text_string and results in a nice name?crypted_gibberish.

This might feel a little lame, but just to show you how useful it is, I'll provide an example...
55 Name: moot: 10/03/2003 04:36UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
I love Dragonball Z.
56 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 04:37UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
And that's how trip codes can be useful.
This ends today's lessons, class. Read up on chapter two for tomorrow's discussion.
57 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/03/2003 04:53UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
>>53 ASCII art. A place for people to share weird flash stuff. Also something FYAD-like where people can be idiots in peace.
58 Name: Ryoga Masaki: 10/03/2003 05:54UTC ID:GLulqkQ2 By Other Language (Permelink)
>>53 Yes, I was gonna say, definately an AA bored. I lurv my monas. =)

Of course, an anime/manga board as well, maybe a J-pop one. Possibly a Japanese culture/language one? I dunno, maybe I'm pushing it there. I thought I'd have more ideas, but I can't seem to think of any right now, heh.
59 Name: moot: 10/03/2003 06:14UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Great suggestions, will try to implement in the upcoming days. Just got done updating some rules/pages/and added a random image PHP script.
60 Name: Nameless: 10/03/2003 07:05UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Good work!
Perhaps Japan will interest to your starting of Yotsuba channel
61 Name: NPH: 10/03/2003 07:48UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
62 Name: shii @1PgDcaEL5s : 10/03/2003 13:15UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
i would like a good ascii-art forum to post all the wonderful 2ch ascii-art i have collected. ^-^
63 Name: GreatLemur: 10/03/2003 15:11UTC ID:g0qwrQ6c By Other Language (Permelink)
Menchi. Seriously, what is with this whole persecuted anime fan bit? You seem incredibly, -incredibly- oversensitive. I'm not flaming you, here. It's just that this pose of offense and humorlessness you're taking does not make you look good. For serious, you sound like a furry.
64 Name: xbox is big lol: 10/04/2003 01:18UTC ID:SGHxfvm+ By Other Language (Permelink)
Some people just can't handle new things, man. Let him go...
65 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/04/2003 11:47UTC ID:dtBdkgGg By Other Language (Permelink)
He had a whole Euro complex going on.... good ridance (drama! drama! drama!)
66 Name: Menchi: 10/07/2003 21:27UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
67 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/11/2003 07:56UTC ID:CPzZMjQ+ By Other Language (Permelink)
[Petition to reopen the 2chan thread]
68 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/11/2003 19:08UTC ID:m2iwTdCY By Other Language (Permelink)
1. Give Up
2. Persuade by Force
69 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/12/2003 06:56UTC ID:TyZNlM6w By Other Language (Permelink)
Force you say? Like Jedi shit or what?
70 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/12/2003 13:14UTC ID:vTjRBSXs By Other Language (Permelink)
overused disgaea ref
if you fail to pass a bill in the dark congress you're given that option
71 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/14/2003 20:05UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Damn. I was hoping this was going to somehow boil down to an epic battle between ricequeen and I with lightsabers and "Duel of the Fates" playing in the background...
72 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/16/2003 15:28UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
..... who's ricequeen? i've see her (?) name mentioned so many times...
73 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/16/2003 23:49UTC ID:AWPLZVEU By Other Language (Permelink)
The moderator on SA's anime subforum. I guess that means you're not from SA or at least you don't frequent ADTRW. I thought this whole place was colonized entirely by SA. You learn something new every day, eh?
74 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/18/2003 13:07UTC ID:7TCBCPGM By Other Language (Permelink)
I found my way here through the grapevine of Dionysos!!!!
75 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/21/2003 07:05UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>74 "grapevine of Dionysos" ... so like... drinking, right?
76 Name: moot: 10/21/2003 07:39UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)

SA HERE? Hahahahahahaha.

New server going up.
77 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 10/21/2003 22:53UTC ID:UL1nhYok By Other Language (Permelink)
>>75 i don't drink. some nice guy posted the w2ch link on another bbs.
>>76 i love chidori....but for how long?
78 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/24/2003 02:40UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
I have no idea what you people are talking about.
79 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/24/2003 02:46UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
OH wait... I guess it's true since my beloved Menchi left...
By the way, >>76, that seemed kind of mean...
80 Name: moot: 10/29/2003 05:19UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
Site went back up.
81 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 10/29/2003 22:47UTC ID:zgdkFAdU By Other Language (Permelink)
>>80 7GB a day, eh?
82 Name: moot: 10/30/2003 00:35UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
more apparently, didnt combine log files
83 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 11/03/2003 03:33UTC ID:KxTHFiNo By Other Language (Permelink)
I'm going to make a strange suggestion. Have you considered off-shore solutions to your problem? http://world2ch.net/test/read.cgi/accuse/1065027993/14n
Hosting might be cheaper in Japan. Might be a good idea since that's where all of your users are coming from, anyway.
84 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 11/05/2003 03:46UTC ID:mryGBef+ By Other Language (Permelink)
let's sage
85 Name: Nameless: 11/05/2003 07:39UTC ID:4sqAO9Jc By Other Language (Permelink)
watching the drama in ADTRW is a lollercaust
86 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 11/05/2003 12:26UTC ID:/cvjmP0A By Other Language (Permelink)
>>85 Indeed.
87 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 11/07/2003 04:19UTC ID:P3ZzZKU2 By Other Language (Permelink)
what sort of drama/is ADTRW worth the 10 bucks?
88 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 11/08/2003 03:34UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
>>87 It's regarding 4chan content/Yes. It's the least annoying anime forum in existence. Except all of the FLCL threads were bumped to the top today by some sly tricksters...
89 Name: 0037 @A0z7CY5eG2 : 11/08/2003 03:36UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
I'm sorry, _A_ sly trickster, singular.
90 Name: @H8Ydn/wg3g : 11/09/2003 00:56UTC ID:IFoUEaQU By Other Language (Permelink)
hmm, maybe the next month i don't spend all my surplus funds on homoerotic martial arts comics and models of little boys in aprons [i'll spend 10 bucks]
91 Name: unko: 11/09/2003 20:07UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
WTF is SomethingAwful??

sorry, i just came from 2CH and yeah, new in here..

92 Name: Nameless: 11/10/2003 11:23UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
93 Name: Nameless: 02/10/2004 04:10UTC ID:??? By Other Language (Permelink)
I need your help !!
94 Name: Menchi @lWV9WxNHV. : 02/12/2004 00:51UTC ID:5PAHWLHg By Other Language (Permelink)
A master is out.
95 Name: Nameless: 03/04/2004 20:57UTC ID:??? By English (Permelink)
(?`* )
Note: Again, ascii art is lost...