Every site, no matter how pathetic, always has a FAQ and this site is no exception. As is typical of a FAQ it has no questions that are frequently asked and provides no solid answers. By the way, isnít the name a complete misnomer anyway? Wouldnít a FAQ just be a list of questions with no answers? Why not FAQAA? Iím guessing that itís probably an Arabic word closely associated with Jihad, suicide bombings, assassination, ammonium nitrate, and other words I just added there to make absolutely sure this site ends up on as many government watch lists as possible (how the hell else would I get readers?).

ANYWAYÖ shall we get started?

Q. Is this in any way meant to replace world2ch.net?
A. Fuck no. world2ch is long dead. There are also plenty of other fine options available to carry on awkward conversations with borderline psychopaths and assorted shut-ins including 4-ch, the Secret Area of VIP Quality, and various the various abortions no longer available at 4chan.

Q. Why dokuwiki? I can recommend my personally modified version of Sucki Wiki 0.12c and itís so good it only gives mysql errors on searches over four characters now. I won't keep a computer in the house because of the signals they send to space and my mom says I need to get a real job so I have to take the class and my medicine that bitch. Iíve been working on my code every day at the library since the teacher at the community college had me kicked out of class for being disruptive but the sheeple need to know the truth and... it just goes on like this.
A. Yeah, thatís not really a question. Oh wait, there it is. Yeah, I'm not fucking with mysql for such a tiny little project. I'm sure your choice is superior in every way but please don't tell me about it.

Q. I donít really have anything else. Sorry.
A. Well, at least this FAQ wonít waste your time like most FAQs. For actual information that may be of interest, try slogging through the wiki.