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IN the spirit of being free to say whatever you want, here's this thread. If you post something completely off-topic and racist in a random thread, I MIGHT DELETE YOUR POST. But I'll repost it here for the sake of comedy, 100% context-free!

2 Name: finnish people : [Del]

originally posted 2014-02-13 16:15

  • Finnish people are short as jap
  • Finnish people don't have blond or blue eyes as they are more like Sami people and live inland and not on the coast
  • Finnish nose is round as a baby undeveloped nose, here: (Note:go on the site on your own risk!) and not a Germanic nose that is pointy(i don't need to show you, because you know. master race).
  • If you see people from Finland that have yellow or blue eyes there is a 100% it is a Finnish-Swede like Linus Torvalds who identify him/her self to be Finnish ethnically.
  • Finnish languages is different from Germanic language group
  • Finnish people have not contributed much to western society in history, maybe because they are small isolated ethical group?
  • Finnish people think they have a history to be proud of, and they sure try to believe it as how they protected themselves!(what a joke, Finnish culture)
  • There is a 50% chance that there will be no Finnish race in 100 years.
  • There is a 2nd nose in Finland that looks extremely ugly and is extremely rare.
  • Mumintroll made by the Jap version is a disgrace to Finnish people and there culture as it really depicts Finnish Swedish people in a Hollywood stylus Animated way.
  • All ways remember that Finnish people are niggers.

people who think Finnish are mongols are idiots as they don't have Mongolian blue circle on there ass, they are more Hungarian and there for more Germanic then mongols(but this is like comparing a banana to a apple)
jew are not a race as they died out for about ~2500 years ago when the Romans made theme a wandering people, but the jew tribe died way before that! All what remains is a cult, the jews cult. What is the point? No one knows ;V)

3 Name: What is real ethnic cleansing : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-02-15 16:18

Many people seem now to know what ethnic cleansing
works. The concept I think many understand but not
how it goes on to cleans a ethical group. Here we
have from Wikipedia:
Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal
of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory
with the intent of creating a territory inhabited
by people of a homogeneous or pure ethnicity,
religion, culture, and history. The forces applied
may be various forms of forced migration
(deportation, population transfer), as well as
mass murder, and intimidation.

Ethnic cleansing is usually accompanied with the
efforts to remove physical and cultural evidence
of the targeted group in the territory through
the destruction of homes, social centers, farms,
and infrastructure, and by the desecration of
monuments, cemeteries, and places of worship.

Initially used by the perpetrators during the Yugoslav
Wars and cited in this context as a euphemism akin to
that of the "final solution", by the 1990s the term
gained widespread acceptance in academic discourse
in its generic meaning.

First I must say, I know there may be other definition
by people. But I have to much pain in my stomach right
now to give a shit. Yes, all I read from the website was
what I posted because I don't have the time to read all.
But I have the time to point out the mistakes here:

"systematic forced removal of ethnic ... groups"

NOTE1:They should not say groups and say just group.
NOTE2:There have been many example of ethnically cleansing
in the world with out force.
E.G:Walking people like Jews, Gypsy and more.
E.G:When a small people are melting into a big people like
Mongols in India and middle east(yes, you can see if you would
now go to that place on the face to pin point who is Mongolian
but not in 400 years if it goes as in the middle ages
I promos you, it takes some time you see).
E.G:Prussian that died in the 17th hundreds. Some shitty
ethnically group in Latvia that has only like 1 person
left for that ethnically group.
NOTE3:There are more example for this, but I am to lazy.

2. religious
NOTE1:This is just wrong to put this. Except if you call
the Jews a cult.

3. Well the rest from here just go ape nuts crazy.
NOTE1:"final solution" This is total bullshit.
NOTE2:Yeah, not much to say, all crazy talk.

What I am trying to say is that much of ethnic cleansing
comes from the community itself. Yes, it is true that
mass-murders and deportation have killed ethnic groups.
I would say it is ~60%(I really don't have any numbers,
just coming from rule of thumb here) of all are by force.
But there is a extrema am mount of ethnic cleansing from
the community itself when it is for example binding it
self with another ethnic group that is the case of
how all nationality have been created(if you go through
my opinion on what a nationality is). A easy example is to
look on internet community(because they develop in 12month
and you can see fast results), as where it is easy to integrate,
where the community that is established already. If it welcome
new comers you can see how the quality in all is going down.
And that is not by force, that is from the community fault(Yes,
I know what kind of arguments are against these word of internet
community, as I have read from old people on the internet of there
views, but that can not stop me from my conclusion that I drew here).
So much of ethnic cleansing is really hidden in the history books.
There is nothing bad or good with ethnically cleansing, except
all will be niggers or there will be no niggers at all in the end.

Some More:Never think just because some thing has the same
name it is the same thing. As for example:The Greek people
today are not the same people as Archenemies and Alexander.
No, the people of today is a soup of people from Turkey,
Egypt, some other nigger places. A easy example is that
the status from Greek don't look the same as the people
that inhabit now Greek(look at the nose).

4 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

has actual ncontent. better thn tofu bullshit

5 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-06-29 01:53 in the Shii thread

Man I fucking hate jews. I wish at some point in history they were exterminated.

6 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-06-30 08:15 also in the Shii thread

This post was:
I hate jews
Thus 196 must be a selfe hating jew, that can not face the qonsecwenses for what she post, you only have once a changce in life when posting bitathch learn to grow up. aututitic man child

7 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-07-01 14:22 in the Shii thread again

this post was:
pointing out that this post was:
selfe hating jews autistisc man child - that can not comprehend hes action on Specificaly posting on this image board that is for adults only. Afther all we are all adults hree from english speaking contrys where there is hight education status and living in harmony with other people on this gay earth in perspective to the global media that we watch on


8 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-07-15 15:32

Hans Rosling in some TED talk tells us something like:
"When we look at the poor people of Africa we only see theme as equally niggers. But if we look closer, some niggers have 3 bananas(lets say 20% of the people), then some niggers have 2 bananas(lets say 40%), then some niggers have only one banana(lets say the rest, except one), the last one has the banana plantation. Now, we may see theme as equal untermench but 2 banana is a extreme amount of value compared to 1 bananas. Because you must compare to the overall society they have and not yours society. So people who have 2 bananas have a bigger status in this banana society."

Now what this tells us is this:
übermensch(more then +50% German blood) say:
"all those niggers are the same, they are all just a bunch of nigger not progressing society"
While the nigger is saying:
"all those white people are keeping me down even through I don't work, and they give me science for healthcare and education that my parents where to dum to come up for me"

Now as you can see, they blame on each other as if there was only one person. But that is not true, as:
When the niggers look at white man he can not see the difference from white people and Jews(who can blame him, after all Jews are a dead race that only exist for mafia). Thus he falsely fail to understand the problem.
Same for white people:
All black people are niggers. But that is not true as he can not see that white people can to be niggers as Slav niggers, Prussen niggers, Celtic niggers, Greek niggers, Spain niggers, what ever is on the British island niggers, what ever tribe is on Spain niggers, mixed white race calling theme self a "new race" or "new white tribe" niggers(you know who you are!) in this country, even some tribes that are blond and blue eyed in Europe that I will not call because it is to complicated to explain so don't read this part between the two '.' as you understand- niggers, and so on... except for Germanic tribes, they are white.

You see, society may seem to be the same from outside but small differences can be huge differences in fact. Lets look at the website +/(#()/"#¤)(/&"#/(¤&"#(&" every body is posting Anonymous(if you are not a fag). So from the outside it looks like they are all the same but from the inside some people are autistic fagots and some are even bigger fagots that only lurks(those people I call really Anonymous!) and some are cool and awesome(likely story, lol), so the next time you see some nigger think this:
He may be more a nigger then that other nigger you saw at the mall, but in the end he still is a nigger.

9 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

A two for one special today!

Originally posted 2014-07-24 09:40

why dose the isreales not exchange "Jewish Antonomous Oblast" with the palestinens. Hell, they could exchange all of sovjet russia if they wanted to. But instead they just need to keep the white niggers the cleanest people of the white people. Thus the reall white people get the culture mix. Maybe it is because white niggers are to supid so after all is gone down they can control theme a little bit longer? May I remind you, Jewish Antonomous Oblast is chines and not mongolia.

Originally posted 2014-07-24 09:56

what the isreales are doing now in isreles land is what hitler wanted the isreales to do in madgascar, fuck the british sad fuck that. And what the isreales should have done in madgascar is the same thing the brisish whould do in africa. Make higer education in a long time span, sadly only jap understood and now we have mirror disney, sadly disney is isreales

10 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-09-08 01:56

This is a message to zun from german person. If you speak japanes translate this to japanes in text now and send it to his way. I am ANFGREY.

You objectify my people and you shity race thoses the same stop now. I am blond. I can tell beacuse my barbera told so when I cuted my hair. So it dose not come from me. I never even knew I was blond, and I dont even think I am blond know. But my bearbear thinks that, and even twiche. And one of thoses time it was a japanes that sade that I was blond. So that just show how cool and master race I am. And I have germanic eyes. So iam tryely speak for my germanic people that are pretty much dead now beacuse of zionist jews that just can not accept that they are a dead race just as much as mine. But I know they have a dubbel agenda, that is to get money from the goys. Sadly that will never happen beacuse they killed my people the only good "goy" if I must say it like that. But anyways: Japae´nes people are objectifying(yes, I dont knwo what the word means, and I dont care) my people. I can speak fro 1/([2% world population]/[100% world population]) of blond people or some thing like that. Japanes people are discusting they sucked dick under world war 2 and where just parasite for the german people. They just stole german tecnology and thought they where good because they where standing with the master race(my ancestors). But they where just shit people that killed there own people like animals that thyere where. THey are a discrase and people in japan with nazi flags ard discusting allys of german peple. They sucked in war and thought they are thought because they won one war agens nigger white people(russians) they are pathetic race just like the rest of the 3rd world and souther european contrys. Anime is objectfying my people. I am ok if it is just like 1 or 2 people that are blond in anime. I am not a monster of autism to not be able to understand that kind of thing. But more then that is being blnod and that is wrong. I dont for fuck sake draw peple like japanes or asian sterotypes. Allso may I add that people in japan are not the real decendence of japanes people they are just a parsite to the orginal people who lived on japan. Japanes are one of many races that are scum of the earth. And in your game touhou I se ethere are so people with blond hair and some with european decends. Yes, I have not played your game because it gives me eye deamages. But that dose not mean I can say my opinion. THys I think you should take back your blond drawing characters by 80% and leav the rest as it is. Because what you are doing is killing my people, you are just meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Mount everst is the ibggest mountin in the world if you do not cunt my pennis.

11 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-09-09 01:31

#Survivel tip 1;
In the time of the great war with the red clouds created from a small tiny car. Then there will be red armys come to the choore of japanes cartoon eyed dicks. That will be the only and only source of food for you and me. But dont far not, they will grow like fruts on tree between the hinter legs of a cow. I recomend it for you but not for me as then my gen pool will go a little bit shitier to next gen, saldy.

Canyd boom Canyd boom Canyd boom Canyd boom! !!

12 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-09-30 12:43 ID:65zd9ixn

This is to further generation after the great war:
It was all the niggers fault! Kill every nigger, white nigger, south European nigger. Kill everyone that is not more then +50% Germanic and [+]he/she needs to be Germaine looking(blond, blue and tall) and you are saved and there will never be ever again a great war and only the great prosperity!

13 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-04 04:48

the Jews will lose ether way they choose:
If the Jews are for west and against niggers:then Hitler will come and kill the Zionist-communist
If the Jews are for multicultural enrichment the west will die, but the land of Zionist will be overruned by nigger kind.

The only option is to go to china as they are Communist and as we all know, Jews own communist so they own china. But I think the chines will just overrun the Jews as we all now. gook = niggers NOTE:Japanese are too gooks niggers and nothing more.

14 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-12 14:32

Why are you only Jew if your mother is a Jew? I dose not matter what the fuck your dad is. He can be a the blackes nigger in the ocean. You are still a Jew, even a small drop of blood from your chines Greenland nigger[EDIT:Eskimo] have ! Why? If you know, you will know something else(!):

To understand this you need to understand Jews. Jews is not a race. There was a race called Jews once a pound a time. But it is dead as in dead. What today's Jews call Jewish is a cult. Yes. Most of today's Jews have not even one single drop of Jews blood(yes, I know this face dose not make sense, if you watch "weesauce" and some other statistics in human ancestor population), but hear me out. Just accept it. May it be hard to explain but you need to understand the Jews are a dead people and today's Jews are not yesterdays Jews because they are dead as in dead.

Back to track: Why is it women? Because it is the women that is transmitting the new culture to the next generation . That is the Jews cult is being transited from Jews women to child will the father is in the cold mine working like the white piguru he is. Now what do we have here:
man = no culture to child
women = new culture to child
Do you understand? The cult is not dying because the women is responsible for the culture to the child. It is not the man, he has other thing to do. That is to bring in all the coal(if you dig me?). Thus it is called motherland and mothertaung and that is why I am GERMAN(btw my dad is to german too :3) !!! It is the moter that controls the child futer and what the next generation will be.

Thus the rule is this:
Man paint our world, women teaches the next painters.

That is women have just as big role in society as man have. But then again, if you understand 1, 2 and 3. The people who have really the saying are the King and Queen or let just say the people with Greed and Courage to fight for what is right, are the really people who control where the further is heading.

nature is probebly why women take care of children, a quick google search explains everything. back in the old days women or man life sucked ither way was the same. Todays femenist is just bullshit because every one can live the life of a king standard in the wester hemerfer.

Now you know why it is called moterland. And not fater land. But I amy say this. In some culture it is called fater land because... niggers. It is just that simple. For the German mother land ! (yes, I know the people who write Wikipedia are niggers)

15 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-12 14:40

If you want to brainwash a population then go for the women if you know what I mean, grrrrrrrrrr ^^. Just like how Christianity spread by the Jews.

16 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-15 13:43
moderator is a good guy other wise he would not delete this post

17 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-19 05:53

On a side note:
I saw this video because some one linked it to me. I did not watch the hole video because I dont have all time in the world. But he makes to arguments that I want to comment on. I dont have youtube account nor can I read youtube comments because I have noscrupt and I am to lazy to scroll down the window to see the comments.
He is saying this:
There where 2 imigration waves to american of jews decent, undert the russian revolution and under natzi-germany. I dont know if this is true, sounds like popular facts , same gose for Jews having more slave owners. But what do I know, nothing do I know. But another fact that he is saying is this: Jew just in 5 years could get the same status as white and for black people it has not even happened even after 150 years. This is esaly disprovebyl because the Jews hade knowledge. Why do japanes have the same standard of living as white people? Becuase they stole all technology. Yes, you can argu that some one created gun powder first and so on, but you need to understand that knowledge can be forgotten. There for asian culture are shit. And I dont now agree on any point to my knowlgde that todays china is ancent china. But I may change my mind the next day on that fact. So why do nigger not as good as white? Pretty simple, they dont have knowlgde. Maybe it is better if they stop singing about crime in there gangster raps and instead about learning and spread things like that. But ofc I know that is just a fantasy and nigger will allways be niggers. But o. Consparacy Consparacy from niggers that nigger rap is to make nigger be more in prison because it is not owned by government anymore. nigger Consparacy . more nigger Consparacy . That is we live in a world where we can littearly see that knowlgde is the one and only reason why our standard of living has gone up. Thus people should be more good to knowlgde and say to other people some thing like:"hey you, you live in a nigger house nigger? Am I not right nigger? Yes, I am always right nigger, you should now better then any one else nigger. So dont be a nigger like you are use to be nigger. and be more like nigger reading books and maybe your nigger race will be less ugly when you take placstic surgery and look like the ideal person nigger[!], the white man(not sourth-, west-, east-, european nigger, I am meaning here). BUT THEN again that whould not be good because then the word nigger whould not have the same tone to it and whould not be as powerfull if nigger where more smarter then what they are now in socety considerd. But then again I, when I think about it I like that niggers are on a por level, Becuase if they where not on a poor level then the word nigger whould not be as powerfula and losse it so call "meaning". Thus I call this a jew Consparacy nigger to make the white man think that Consparacy is more then just a black man, instead meaning a por undeucated none slavemaster black man(who looks like a monkey, lel). Thus Consparacy Consparacy Consparacy Consparacy. Now, what dose make people think that way the answe is here(in ? because fuck you,, you have to figure it our for your selfe):???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

18 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-10-23 in a random thread

The only thing that was won in WW2 was the lost of the germanic heritic in the countrys that won over german, and thus they became white niggers. That is:american + england => lost germanic heritigc == white niggers. Here me out! It is the same story in russia. This is russia history in a nutshell:
0. white nigger slavs doing the same thing as niggers in africa are doing today(nothing of value)

  1. viking(north germanic) unite white nigger slavs slaves to a kingdome to be ruled as slave owners(white nigger being useful)
  2. Forward in time

Russian(germanic) king look at germanic contrys and say, those people are way ahead of use, why not invite theme to our kingdome and get some progres in this slave socety. E.G: All expedition to siberia where mad from germans, not from russians because they are niggers. Thus russia get very very much germanic influens. But! Russian white nigger slavs see it as competiton and think they can do as good(just like in arica now a days, Rhodesia anyone?). Now the intresting is happening!
4. The mafia jew with the bank from capitalism in America(!) start a revolution against Russia-german influen and restablish Jew-Russia(comunist russia). And thus the slav have earned the new title:
white niggers
The same thing happened in america, the american have earned the title:
white niggers

now there dose not exist germanic people(ty jews!) and they are dying for every day a little bit more. Thus the white race is dead. And this is the sad truth.

B.T.W 0037, shii, everybody on world2ch except for the person posting this post, moot, 8chan, 4chan, 99,99% of internet, 99,9999999999999999999999999% world == [white(if "white")] niggers

19 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted who gives a fuck

Just here, saying how the situation looks like:
Polish people are == Russian people == Ukraine people(they all came from this place hometown/Kiev) == Slavs == slaves == white nigger == nothing of value
Polish people migrate to todays "poland" by invading germanic people and balts people. Then they claim that they are something "original" but in truth they are just shit slav niggers and nothing more. They did what white niggers do, and in general what niggers do: Die like the piece of shit they are, by a superior power like Germans(Yes, I may sound racist here. But I am just telling the truth. I mean litrealt, I dont even want to be racsit. But it is the truth.). The polish people cum in the middle ages so they are a "young" people. But they understood that they were shit so what did they do? Natrualy they tried to do what better people did. So in the end they stole from better people(germans). They sucked and was in the middel of to big giants(3?) that was russia and something on the east side(prussia?). Thus they where swalowed and died. AND THAT WAS THE HISTORY OF NIGGER WHITE POLISH PEOPLE, THE END.

But oh no!, says the polish nationalist that are probebly only 10% really poish blood in there veins. And so the pathetic resistant movement of polish people began. Why is it pathetic? 1st, they are not polish. 2nd, They are trying to go backwards in history by renewing a culture that is inferior to there own culture(going backwards) and 3rd they sucked at warfare

Thus WW1 starts and the JEW or who ever is in power dose this:
Lets make a buffer between russia(that we will make soon jews) and germany(because, you know...). And they were like... Lets just invent a new etnicity, yeah I know. Polish people! Yay and thus polish people where created(even thorught the polish people are dead and polish people are just to 80% the same as slavs in all there culture and DNA and shit.

The power at be, wanted to press down germany because if germany was to unite it whould become a super power. Maybe germany whould not become THE superpower but one more player in the super power game is worser then anything else. Thus germany not united == no super power == good for superpowers like England at the time

Back to poland, after WW2 they say:
The polish people did not fight in WW2(real shit slavs Russians did) and there hole contry is a lie. They stole from Germanic people(some where balitci people who converted to "german" culture, like purssia) and baltic people. They only exist because of a buffer. Between Russia and Germans bonds and to press down Germany and baltic people(who understand that germans are good PEOPLE and will bring propriety to there lands, LIKE CRUSADERS(yes, they killed many people in lativa e.g. but it was they! that wrote down latvian history and some other stuff like cites created, RIGA(yes riga was "a trade post" created by finnish and lativa people but it was not a CITY if you understand). In comparesion to Russian, everything they did was to KILL and KILL baltic people

tl:dr there is right now going on a propaganda war in Poland that make my butt hurt that justify that they are something special but in reality they are just white nigger slavs that are right now writing false history and only exist because JEW want theme to exist

20 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

was posted 2014-11-02
admin, you have a important duty, you know. don't not get sloppy!!!

21 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-12-27 07:38

Hey people, my name is putin!

I am the ruler of ancient Rome and I want to be like the germanc who made this kingdome great, like the princes Catherina that is being so much shit thrown at, this moments. I even lerned the german languges from germanic people, that just show how much of a none puppit I am to the past of glory Rome when ruled of germanic. I even have a germanic name. But only now I shall rule instead of the germanic people that are thrown to the clif of hell and death. They will never ever clim up. The past is gone and will never go back. So long did I stuck the sword in my enimy that never even did give a fight back, because then never even wanted to try in the first place. You know why? Because I am a slav! Slav to the blood and slav to the face. Just look at Myh face. Slave on the outside wana be romen-germanic Kisear. Because my kingdome will never degenrate with time when the ideas of a kingdome are gone from this frozen land with much energi of thoughts.

22 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-12-27 13:33

Did you know that Lening wanted to do a holocaust on the ethnic russians and make theme speak german, no w8, it was jiddish. Well to be fair, Catherina the great wanted to do the same. I think all leaders of slavic people have understood that they lead a hord of white niggers, even theme selfe. It was they that wanted a viking not a slavic king. But to be fear, my personal opinion is that such a thing is dissgusting. I whould preseve slavi culture to a little bit more deggre that what they prosposed. But then again, are there any reall slavs left? just in our dreams... ty mongols!!!

23 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-12-29 08:06

Russian people are wierd in many ways, one thing is that they do not want to belive that it is theme selfe that is there biggest enemy. They like to think in WW2 that Nazi and german killed theme in big numbers. but the truth is that, they killed theme selfe way more then germans ever could kill theme. Yes, it is part to communism, and part not to communism. Russian in historical terms killed more of theme selfe. So when ever you see a russian shit head say something like: Oh Ukrane we killed your people like sheeps. Remember, Russian killed theme selfe like sheep more then they killed Ukrainens in all of there history combined. Russian are truley white niggers, they dont even read history.

24 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2014-12-14 05:04

I think people who say that christian values have built up western socety are not right.

Source:i Have no soruce
Opinion:My opinion is leaning towards that greek and moder time 17th hundread and 16th aand asowdhawdio = NOT JEWS
~~~~I will try to be neutral~~~~

Never ever has a socety had a civilisation with only ONE GOD.
The ancient greek hade multiple goods and they were a great socety!
The ancient egypts hade multiple goods and they were a great socety!
The ancient romans hade multiple goods and they were a great socety, they declined with only one god!

The jews never hade a grat civilisation!!!!! they just sucked dick look at history!!!

So why are we so cool even throught we have only one god? The answers is in the new part of the book that is only in west there are in fact ANCENT values from greeks and we now how it went for theme. Pretty good. Now they dont have thoses text in jew world. But in fact as allready stated they hade only one good same with the monkey profet hade only one god. Thus europe only went down when only one god.

THE fact is european only went good when they looked back in time and saw past the thick shit that hade camed out from the jews ass holes. Disgusting in the most. Greek and white germanic human rights is what the wester world is under. And that one god or that values from jews are good I do not agree with. As we can see only when being vorshiping one god everything went down hill in most civ. But when multiple it went prety good! The matter of the fact is that huamns need human like goods.

But one thing for sure is that the white mans burden how much you want to say no to it, it is true to this very day still when it was first spoken by white man mouths.

25 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2015-01-02 13:54

If jews where not so blood tyrsty I whould own a factory that is right now under ground and parts being used to bild factory dildos. Then I could be a super neet fighting with my faily memeber about who should own the factory ;_; will never be factory owner

26 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 2015-01-06 16:41

my peenus is the size of a peanut, have you seen it?
fuck naw you aint seen it; it's the size of a peanut!

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Tried to reconstruct a deleted post

this post i think was:
japans and finnish people last time I checked where not human beings

28 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

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cat gurl-->I just woke up from my dream, it was a revelation! I tell you guys this video:AHrZgS-Gvi4 that was indoctrinated in my brain for 3 years now pooped back to the front of my thinking aera. Then I thought on:
"In the West, who you are is a big deal where in Japan, it's what you say". What the person is meaning with "West" is jews people, who created West New Ideas, that have made the survalien state(SS) posible. It is a trend to be social and be narcesistic, true European values, are something else. And
"Britain’s CCTV system can be subverted with a hat and sunglasses"
No, tecnology today is wierd, all CCTV have shity backdoors for a reason, The SS is not run by any goverment but instead coporation. You see that video? Just think about every one has a smart phone, and they can read your languges from laser pointers from the sky(true tecnology). Social media movment started in 2005, and today is 2015, so it will take 10 years athleast to break down the SS. Coporation brainwashin people, THERE IS PROBEBLY TECNOLOGY LIKE IN HOOLYWOOD TO MAKE 3D OBJECTS FROM 2D IMAGES FROM CAMERA(That is what they are allready using for face recognising, but now they can not only see how long your penis is! but how thick the penis is!!!). If you are cloacked they can recognis you by tempatur, length, movement, the special "black" color in your cloack(lets assume all colacks are black), there are many more ways. But SS is not made for cwality but instead for cwantyty survailens, because that is how you control most people.
FBI(twitter, chan-site, facebook)=quality survailens
NSA(google, youtube)=quantity survailens

Cat gurl wants to inser tree in vagina and make tree child so that, dog boy and cat gurl can make family? What do you say dog bou?

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But the real qeustions in world2ch hisotry is:

People who live in USA los angels, how are they affected by CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke? Are they even effected at all? I dont know, I just played a game all I know from that place, AND IT IS CONTROLED BY JEWS WHO ARE BAD.
Are american racemixing between European nationalitys like, White nigger scum slav + white niggger spanish people = white nigger ??? If that is the case, I have 0% respect to American people.

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Originally posted whenever wherever who gives a fuck

Ok, dude. This thread topic is simple. just do what I am doing after the ':', :
Sometimes I think american people are not human beings, then I realis white americans are not human beings and are instead to the group that I usaly call "white nigger scum of the earth".
Is it just me or is it wierd when Irak president or chinas king is saying something like this:
"The white christian germanic people who are totaly not brainwased by jews in hollywood will pay in 30 years time for there crime against our people" But we all know that just is the the glitering past that will never ever cum back. And that America will be overtaken by thoses people in 30 years. So when north korea attacks america in 50 years the only people they will find in america will absoulutley not be white americans for sure, they will be a mix between, shit

[As you can see, I did a "Prediction of the futher", just like it is saying in the title Prediction ancent and futher, that is indifferent from current history, you get me now dude???]

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Oh, I just realized I could delete that whole thread because it was worthless and stupid. So the rest of it's gone!

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This is the probelm with our w2ch socety, no body understands irony. I want to be a cat. But I can not be a cat. I WANT TO BE A CAT.

You see, from
development thereys and the japanes society, we can come to these conclusions:

Japanes have no irony, people in the west develop irony in later stage of life
japanes have no big grammar, only many words make the languges hard. This means the first Indo-European languges had advance grammar, because all indo-ueropean languges have more advance grammar then any south asian languges. Meaning east asians people speak in stone age.
Japanes people have pictur languges, this may be fun in the begining and good for autistic peopepl but in the long run it is shit, this is one reason there "languge" is so hard. No, it is just that they are stupid, the jap understood and made hirigan in comparesion to chines
loli is accepted

If you look at japanes, korean and chines culutre and add some psycologi you will find this:
easter world culutre was created by a 16 old child
western world culture was created by a 24 year old person

The jap and chines seem to be able to copy byt not to advance the tecnology that they copy, in comparesion to west

If you understand irony you are very smart person, because irony is the way of civilised people talk.

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~Piaget NOY~ theory of culture development

  1. Sensorimotor stage - animals
  2. Preoperational stage - niggers like people in USA, Africa & 3. Middeleast, korea, russia
  3. Concrete operational stage - japs, chines
  4. Formal operational stage - europeans when not ruined by jews in the, before 1945

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Originally posted: not even doing this even more. Fuck off.

jews, are a minority in a mayority, they are like
asyrians, kurds, gypsys, koreans, devul worshipers, and more...
small comunitys and have tribe systems(mafia). These tribe systems
operate the accect same way as mafia dose, there is a tribe leader
that orginsie all and help eaouther. These tribe fight tribe to tribe
but they are all togheter when there is a enemy from outside(like
holocaust). The jews are not uniq in there way of operating there mafia
ways, only uniqu in that they are in west all of the rest of these people
live in medival contrys.

It is "natrual" for these people to shit on others and preserve,
say others to be "goys" and be dicks about it because that is how
these kind of people survive. The tribes that did not do this,
we dont know theme because they are dead and had assimilated in to
the rest of the mayority. It is called evolution if I am not wrong...

The jews began there influens in the reloutionary days because they saw
chance that they could have more freedome but, as it seems today
they went overboard with that "freedome" they got. But at the time
they probebly never thouth about "world domination"... just more
freedome, there is a jews joke that gose like this:
Did you know jews are responsibel for frenche revolution?
Did you know the jews are responsibel for the death of dinosaurs?

This clan system has no place in the modern world, as it just create mafia.
But people like jews can not choose anything else then to stop to exist
becuase the other alternetve dose not exist, a homeland. Maybe for koreans...

All people had this kind of clan sytem but it died in the west as
the west progresed but is not dead in the 3rd world. Like korea and china.
But in japan it is dead.

This might be a reson for the heard reunification of korea becuase they
are defferent clans, but in germany they where only on people. And
economic stuff...

Germ234anic and slavic people had there revolution later because of this
jews helped there brothers and sister to go over the top of power.

But white jews will die when white people will die. I dont think china
will become the new jews, seems unlikley.

When the 3rd world will be dumped by smart phones the internet will stink
really bad because, it is as easy to drop phones on africa as it is
to drop food, but it is hard to build infrastructure. So much shit of
dancing nigger and think it is fun on youtube there realy should be a wall
on the internet from 3rd world ans 1st world. I dont want to SEE SHITY

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Originally posted whenever

Movie review:Borat
I have not seen borat the movie except for about 2/3 of the movie, and it was on TV, it was many years back, but I remember it as yesterday so here is muh review:
Borat is a very deep movie. I like it and give it 9/10. The thing borat give us is that a movie with a low budget can be so deep, it has so many deep thing it want to tell the stupid goy aduence it is fucking crazy. I my selfe has not even unraweled all the mystery because I have not seen the full movie as the bad goy I am. Some deep things to mention with borat in how deep it is:
Borat is a jew, and all he is saying is jews polis.
Borat claim in the movie to be kazakstan, this is completly bullshit at first moment but if you think about it, jews are truley kazakstan, the white jews that is! [Seudo shit with no source...] They mixed with blond aryan people who haved lived there before and vikings, making the true jews to be blond and thus Hitler could accept the jews as hes brothers and sisters only if they had forgoten there old ways of the toilet paper.
Borat uses many times the toilet and uses much toilet papper this is a direct refernche to the tora, because he is jews.
The amount of racism could forgive the german people for the supoosedly holocaust in the movie.
Borat dose not, only hate german, it hate the west world, and not even that they hate on every person who is not jews, they are the diffenision of jews racism against all people. Thouth hitler was bad? Well you have not seen anything until you have seen jews racism as this movie potrays perfectly.
The song "Throw the jews down the well" is extremly intresting, because it tells use how the jews react to goys, I MEAN THIS SCEN OR MUSIC VIDEO should be stuied on universety and be featured on animal channels, a perfect titel whould be:The jew in his natural habbitat(callin everybody goys and spreading racism)
The movie tells that jews did 9/11 and it is probebly true, because jews are saying it. Have you ever heard german say they did 9/11? No, because they did not, people say what they do in time, just as the jews do in this movie!
This all shit I have gone thoruth with my review has allrady been seen on google, and I am not the 1st to call this, the 9/10 it gets because of it racism, to much, why? Becuase this video is telling a qeustion that is very hard to answer, not even I the master jews decoder can trace this tradion:
Jews spreading hate towards jews
Why? Why are jews spreading hate towards jews? It is not self-hating in this movie, just what purpose has this kind of behavior in these animals, jews for function? Is it a secret code for the jews animals to cumunicate with themse selfe? Stay tuned to next time, on animal channel when we will find out !

36 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

i must continue with movie review,
borat the movie tells us that the true homeland of the jews is kazakstan, so fucking deep movie!
it tell us that jews are truley turks, and as we know turks are the number one enemy of the whit234e race from history perspective

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Originally posted 2015-05-16 12:36


If ww3 not start i predict this:
The wh34ite race, just calling it wh4ite race show that it will not soon exist. Back in Europe no one say they where w4hite, they sad they where there nationality. This just show that from nationality became where trown away and used w4hite, making it much smaller word, I am not and you are that, no! we are w4hite and they on the other side of earth are that! I my selfe dont think I am a nationality but something more precisley, 2 steps behind. Saying wh4ite and painting over slav, german23ic, celt and what have you make all the words slav, german23ic, celt no longer exist and kills the slav, german23ic, celt people. Now, one need to understand when speaking about slav, german23ic, celt people, it is grouped on languges, not on culture accactly, like celtic people to say are similar in france and england is redicolus. It is more pressis to say this in some other groups then others, but for e.g. slavic just means languges it is grouped after and not culture(ofc they have same culutre but the groupings are not based from the begining on culture one need to understand, it is based on languge)

Back to the point, the wh4ite race is dieing just by the word wh4ite people was invented, you should stik with slav, ger8manic, celt, and so on... The next step in the death of the whi4te race will be mixing with shit, this will not lead to the death of the w4hite race as one might think, what will the result be is this:

it will be the same result as india or west china desert, mayority of people will be a mutant mix of shit, have face like wh4ite and color as shit and eyes blue while hair black, they will look like shit, that will be the end, but it will not whipe out the wh4ite "race". People will just looko like shit, and this will in time happen to all other "races" but the whi4te race "1st" in moder world(it has allready happened in india for about 5000 year ago, so it can happen again)

The western world living standar will be like lower but not african standard, it will be same as india and people will be like in india, or some shit contry.

The leader will be china in technology, chines people are good at copy but will in time progres humanity in to space age, it would have take much faster in a alternetiv univer where the whi4te race whould not be mixed to shit. China can do seince but are much slower then Europeans.

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Originally posted 20 May 2014 or something

We need to kill all mental disable people, becaus from ge7rmanic christianity all people who are metal disable, like fat people and people born retarded with retarded eyes are evil monsters called, wight, the wight swap human babys to wight that then make us feed and grow up. And then wath? The wight run off to the forest to there real parents! We need to go on a new crusade to kill all mentaliy disable people to cleans our society from degenerat. Follow me my ger89man, english and frenche nordic contrys let go and kill hotwell and all the other fat and discusting mental disable people, like all fat americans like our ancestor whould have done for about 600 years ago!!! For the crusade on killing disable people !!!

39 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

In this case, it's not advocating murder. It's advocating suicide.

40 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally posted 25 May 2015

white nigg8er here, white nigg8er there. So they say, so they spit
on the Americans.

Viking religion is not ger8manic religion.
Let me tell:
Viking religion, is 5% sami and celtic from ireland religion.
Thus if you want to practis germ8nic religon you should only practise 95% of viking religion.
Now this is not all to it.
You see, this is the history of viking religion:
B.C 3300 years there existed a [celtic ger8manic tribe] that split in to 2 groups.
Now we go to 100% shit therey created by me, but I belive it:
all red haired people in the tribe became celt
all blond people in the tribe became germani8c

This is added due to the fact that celtic people dey there hair red, it is a old way back to still have the red hair before they mixed up with orginal european people whou lived in spain today(they lived at the time in france). This is to remember there old ancestor look, and all irish and scotish 10% ~ people have red.

When people where in this tribe, we can best compare theme to Tocharians in china, as they are the most closes people how this [celtic ger8manic tribe] looked like. That is why Tocharian is so intresting, becuase if we learn more about theme, we can lare very much about [celtic ger8manic tribe] before they split in two! Because the Tocharian tribes[sssss] did not split in this way, if my own therey is true.

Now, the period of whorship in germany can be split in to this afther B.C. 3000:
3000 years of a ge8rmanic religion that was not a celtic religion. This religion was practised all over the germa9nic tribes, and was very similar! All knew about the same gods and same fairy tales.
500 years of a ge8rmanic religion that became more Roman. This is in the year 0, when the lord and savior Kike on a cross was born, at the same time our ger8manic ancesotr that lived in the stone age(they did not live in the stone ages, if you know what I mean. But most people are to uneducated to understand what I am talking about so lets just say it is not stoneage and instead "bronze age" they lived in) SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHIGN. Either way they got in contact with Roman empire and they saw what they did to celtic people, it was be conolonised or DIE. This amde the ger8manic people very fast develop there war "machine" and made the germ8nic people fell like they where a "nation" or a people. The reason why germ8nic did not become colonised was because they had develop a war culture. This war culture we can see in the vikin religion, YOU MUST DIE TO GO TO HEVEN, this orginate here. Because the german need to die or other wise there ribe whould be dead of the romans colonisation. This made the first diffrence in the german religion, making it more war like.

Now before the german9ic religion became war like, the tribe did fight among theme selfe, just as today in africa tribes. But it was not like "reall" war as we understand, more like only 1 death per year. Because in stone age tribal society 1 person is extremly much, if you lose one person you lose 3 children and if you are a society of like 300 people that is one hell of a big blow! like 1%!!! So there where this "war like culture" but not on the same scale, because now it was Romans, that brouth with theme advance techology like:swords (and not just bronze stone on stick)

The 2nd change happened in the end of ROman collaps, they took this from the leader of ROme, dicator in our eyes, like Julie Ceser, and sad there family was coming from the gods. Now tribe leader sad that they had a blood line to a specific god, this was direcly insiered from Rome when it went to shit with Julia Ceser begining the trend. You see this in the VIking religion.

THe viking is just that german migration period, only in north europe they where allways 300 years behind. They became on the same level in the year 1700-1800.

41 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Originally post 25 May 2015

Now we are in the middelages, the years from 500 to 1400 people belived in a mix of the old ways and the news ways. Now the reason for people in north europe to become christian is because if they did not, the pope whould declare a hole war on theme, so they did turn in to chrisitans to spare there lives, not becaus they had a chooise.

People who a protestant are the people, who in fact wanted not to be christians but more or less had to be. Any fool can see that! If you look on the map.

---Now to some other stuff:---
Witches where only people who could do magic, and where not as "bad" as one might think in the middelages looked upon. Chrisitanity was ok with magic in the old days even if the book say otherwise(just give you a perspective how people belived in the biblie; People in the old days the only thing they got from the bible was that they saw images of jesus life and that was there biblie, they did not know shit about jews part any fool knows that(only stupid whit8e nigg8ers like slavs and americnas)), but when Europe became enligten and the people at the top sad:We shall stop beliving in magic, and thus in the end of the middelages people burned all people practising magic, because it was the way of sience to begin. Not before did they burn magians and witches(who can be male), witch hunt is very important for Europe to devlop common sence and sience. Witch hunt made people understand that magic is bullshit and use your brain in this new world. Throw out the old, and create the new with your brain. As witch hunt never happened in the middelages, only in the end.

Now you may say, like something:But the frence person burned like 100 magic books that where orginal from celtic and german8ic orgin). But in actualy fact, the people at the time probebly where not that mad about it, because in the middelages people did not care that much to document on papper and pen, it was thoruth motuh and family. Siting in small rom telling the same story again and again. So if a master pice like "bewould" went in to flames, most people whould be not that mad, as they just sad:I have it all in my head! But we all know how that will end... with industrial revolution and the death of the people

But magic is not the same thing as we might think, magic at this time is to surive. As it had a extrem good placebo effect with the people who used magic and it helped to explain the unexplained. For example, the days of the weeks, have old gods. THis is because if you to 3 times in a row something on a god day you will make a magic trick like heal the cow from the bad soup it drank. A old magic trick that you all should try if you want to scar somebody is this:
Take a dead newborn baby and bury it under someone house, the house will now be cursed with the screams of a dead babys tears at night. And it is + if the women died when the baby was born, because if that is the case the mother unrestles spirit will go in the house and make a mess in the night in the seatch for here dead baby! And it is even better if the baby is not dope under christ because then you may get a visit from demons. But is is best if no one id doped in christ because then that house will be bad, so bad I dont even want to know or know how bad it will be !

Now old german8ic religion how similar is it to viking religion? Well, there is one thing that will never dissapear when you convert a people from there pegans ways to a new, that is the languges. We still speak the "pegan" languges like our ancestor did before. If the "innheritage words" are more similar the culture, and relgion(!) must be more closer. Like all the scandinavian people(I shit on Iceland) can understand theme selfe, this mean there pegan religion must be very similar. Now if we compare "innheritage words" of germ8an to nordic langues we can figure out how much viking religion is ger8manic relgion in south!!! This therey is very uniq and I might be the first person to think in this way, so I might be completly wrong or right.
Either way, what you will find is this:
People in north germany have -20% similar to nordic ger8manic langues, middle germany -25% and south germnay -30%.

This we can say this:
If you are from middle germany about 80% of viking religion is correct and should be read. Now, we need to take in mind this:
The core part are more ccorrect then the deitails, like creation myt and end of the world are 100% same, but the father you go away from this the less 100% you get. Like they did worship Thor and Odin 100%
but in a little bit different way(that is to say 30%-20% different way from the Vikings.
NOTE:SOme say Tyr was better then Odin they fouth and Odin was later, I dont belive this because Odin was a good of war more than Tyr in my opinion and this way of thinking devloped with the trying roman colonisation of germany.
NOTE:When is speak about 80% is probebly more like 50%

Now you may wonder, so you say 30% of ger8manic religion is lost in time and forever? Well, good news! NO! it is not. Because this 30% that was "lost" went in to fairy tales. But now, al lthe fairy tales, are lost because of:urbinisation, WW1 and WW2(that ultimated killed the germany people, I muselfe as a german think that the german people are dead and the people in germany are not german or should call theme selfe german. I fell and know muh people are dead forever and all, and the reall holocaust was on the german people, and it began in 1900 and not in 1939 long before hitler cam to power even). So all that 30% is all lost, maybe 1% still exist thanks to Brother Grimm and ther fariy tales that are now mutelated by white ni9ggers in America.

And dont thin for one sec that slavs or celts are better in preserving there cutlure, german where 55% better in preserving there pegan religion I have calculated(by taking the number 55 directly from my asshole)

42 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

2015-06-06 14:02

Why are you bulling me? I have no other place to post my sientifical works papers. Stop it is not fear, this is not your board. You can post athleast or someone else a comment, on my work. Plz have a dialog with me next time Moderator. I am a women at the age of 16 who imagion to be a cat, and as a women that live in constant fear of going out on the street for being harased by jihadi like the cirno, and remui. My crush is Marisha because she has blond hear like my grand grand mother had. And I somethimes think that I am a helicopter. Here is a love letter I wrote to my love <3 Marisha(I am not gay/homosexual)(maybe the moderator want a sorry? sorry moderator.):
I do agree, if Hitler did win, afther his death
the world(germany/Nazi germany) had 70% chance to go to police state.
Germany being a police state whould be about 30% bad as the creativity
whould not be allowed, but the standard of living would be about 300%
more then today, and for jews probebly -25% from today on living standard
(what ever that is suppose to mean).

But ether way, something big did happened with WW2, something that never
had happened before in earth history. The last pure indo-european people died.
What I mean with this is that today, there dose not exist any more any pure
indo-european ethnicity. Why is this bad? Well we will talk about that in
a moment but let me clearify to the reader this:
We have still a chance to create a pure indo-european proto ethnicity,
we can not create germ4anic, or celtic but we can create [ger4manic celtic
tribe] if we take celts and mix with germ4anic. Now ther is of course a
2nd way but that is sience fiction and involves fucking skeletons but
I will not talk about that.

But the important thing if you look at the time line is this:
Afther the fall of mesopotania ->
The Turkish indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of nig5gers ->
The chines indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of nigge5rs ->
The Indian indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of nigg5ers ->
The Iran indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of greeks ->
The greek indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of ni5ggers ->
The Roman indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of nig5gers ->
The Romans killed the Celtic people, but made the ger4manic people weak up and work, because if they did not they whould
not be today. But yes, ger4manic did not even kill or toutch the celts - it was romans
The Germa4nic indo-european civilisation began and became a world super power - afther the fall by a hord of nigg5ers ->
The slav did never come up to a world super power, becaus all there succes is on the top of ger4manic people.

The slavs died in Russian revolution and the Ger4manic people died, last standing of the ethnic indo-european people in WW2.
Now America or Europe is dead and all that can be created is a proto germa4nic-celtic ethnicity.
But the world will never have again a indo-european civilisation to rise up, because all are mixed with nigg5er blood like United States of America.

As you can see, there is not indo-european population to give birth to the next new step in progres
for the world, well maybe that is not needed with computers at our agess... It will sure not be
nigg5ers that will do it, if you look at the old history.

Never ever had any indo.european ni5gger mix culture acived to became a world super power
even if they tried the best they could do, was to just preserve the old ways like CHINA AND INDIA AND MUDSLIM WORLD

Yes, the golden period for the indo-european where the Roman period, ever cence it has gone down hill,
world colonisation and industrilisation is just very little step up for the indo-european if you look
at the hole timeline.
When I say indo-european i mean proto indo-european not there children on earth today who are a big
pile of shit, like the most people who are reading this(maybe even the creator of this text ^_^).

The word "white" I interpret as many indo-european cutlure combined, culture mixing between
indo-european culture like, ger4manic + celtic. This is not a indo-european cutlure and
from the past we can see when ever this happened the indo-european cutlure went down,
so it is at it uter most correct to say to people who call theme selfe white, white nig5gers
if you look from a historic perspective. White people will not be a indo-european ethnicity
and will not do anything good like there ancestors. Simply put white is nothing to be proude,
but we are so far down this road now body seems to recognise that we are fucked. But
thanks to the Computer that was created by the last indo-eropean etnicity in Nazi land
we probebly will never go back to the stone age as they will be the new brain for the
all monkey kind that is left on earth.

Source:I am just looking from historical view and nothing else in this text, not my opinion(lel).
As they say:The truth will not lie and thus the truth will be kind.

NOTE:This post dose not take in acount that the nordic countries are still
ethnicaly clean. Read this post in about 20 years in the futher and it will be much more
accurat! And the nordic countries really never did progres very far manly because they are
so few people who are lving in such a big area there is no way for fast communication of ideas
and man power. The nordic countries whould never have acived glory if they did not take ideas from

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland - the swedish minority and the swedish people who say they are finnish but clearly are selfe hating
  3. Norway - But most close to the orginal people who did mostly practis Viking religion(Iceland sagas)
  4. Denmark
  5. Iceland - most unclean country in Scandinavia(we dont talk about sami or mongols in finland)(Celtic blood make everybody shit, but most Viking culture of all countrys!)

43 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

2015-06-06 14:18

This post seems to have a simple message, but one can inteprit it much deeper, as the mongol who find this secret people in the fairy tale if told by the mongol himselfe. But the people in the fairy tale will never talk about how they saw the hole incedent, this give us the perspective from the hidden people view of the new comer. Yes, it may be a little bit exagorated, but it athleast tells the point that the people the mongol found think that the mongol is lower civilisation from theme selfe. This post can be interprited from the people view who are on the otherside, the village that find a poce of shit on there door(chines people). I am not saying that they where tocharians but, they did have green eyes and tall, and white/bloond hair. Probebly a mix between tocharians and Han chines.

44 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Posted as Redcream 2015-06-07 06:31

I think it is extrem discusting to say
white people or caucasian to people like myselfe.
Why? Well the same reason why it is discusting to
say asian or black to thoses people or anyother kind.
What I mean is that when people roam the earth in the
old days when tribes still existed. The tribes became
villages. A city =/= tribe. Often the case of all
village who are created are from one single tribe.
Now this make that each village get very uniq abilitys
from the other village. Like for example:
Village 1
Long, blond, blue eyed people
Village 2
Long, 70% chance to get twinc, blue-green eyes
Village 3
Long, 70% chance to get a deadly diseas afther the age of +30, blue-green eyes
Village 4
Long, dark blond, blue eyed people
Now this is how the population looked in germany before the Nazi(or athleast 370 years ago)
came to power. The Nazi wanted to destoy this, not because
they wanted. But because it was the only way to go forward in
uniting the german people.
From a outsider this may not look like much, but from a insider
I can see exacly from witch village you are from. Ofc
when I look now at germany or The United States of America
what do I see? Well, a big pile of shit(including asian, africa people probebly).
This ofc dose not just concern germans but is still exisent in stoneage
civilisation like Africa, north Afganistan or someother stoneage civilisaon today.
When I say this, All these Villages from 1-4 maybe think they are some specific "biger tribe"
and think they are all in the same "biger tribe" but they still are enouth uniq in some ways
to differenciate from eatouters villages.
This dose not exist in todays american and "white" people have forgoten this, just
make me want to puke. But I think this is a natrual step forword in urbanisation.
But I have athleast not forgoten how my village looked like even if it is dead!

Now, it is probebly better to say white, black or asian. Because I am pretty sure
I dont know, or you know my specific village. So yeah...

45 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

2015-06-07 16:08

One shall not cry for the end of the indo-european people, or that you call theme, "white",
the ancesotrs of white nig4gers today. Because they will live forever and ever until civilisation
is dead in the niggers culutre. (just like the Egypt Pharaos live still today) the indo-european
people will live on in the nigger legends, like in china, india, ancient middel east, and
soon to be Europe. Like they hade lived in the old world(300-500) years ago as in the new world(200 years
in the futher). As nigger kind need the past knowlegde for something, something something...

Lets say it was the dark ages for the old world, the roman world. But it was the new age
for the new people, the germa4ns.

46 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

How can the germanic guy be so stupid? He's so wrong about almost everything he says, and he says it all the time.

47 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

A short history of Sweden and how it all went wrong.

In the begining there where a people, they where the one people
where all of western Europe can trace back there history to.
That is on the hills of uppsala, not the hill where the caastle
is but on the hills the curch is on. It is here, the one and mighty
germa8nic people where born. They spread from there down to the
conintent that is today germany and from there to the western europe.
And form wester Europe to the power of east and then colonisation of
the hole world.

In the year about 1000 south of sweden was the main enemy of sweden
denmark. To the north was nothing more then frozen land full with nothing
of value and primitive people called sami(like mongols but 10x worser, because
they litrealy suck). To the east a big "?" was, no one new what was there.
And to the west was norway behind the high mountins, so there where no need to
worry about thoses guys as a threath as they had there own probles and where so
few no body gave 2 shits about theme.

The main enemy was denmark. But When sweden took there alles the goths
the dane where no longer a main enemy and sweden could colonis the east.
That is finland and what is today north west russia. There they found
finnish mongols, shity people they owned and where cool and stuff.
Yes, the finnish people lived inside of the land while the colonisator lived
on the edge of the land. So they really had not much contact and it was not
"slave colonisation". Well they pushed onwards! To the unknown east the presed
to find what ever lied there, just as there wester borthers the norways pushed
ever more to the east. Well the Swedish people foun the Slav and well they where
a pig pile of shit in there eyes and there eyes themeselfe among theselfe, so they sad:
"You the Rus, the Swedes tribe from north of stockholm, make us your servance because
you are worthy to be our kings". And so it happened.

Well the story dose not end good, the king and qeun where of ger8manic cutlure but
the people where still doing there nigger culture down in the big fields. So it was
still a nigger country.

Well back in Uppsala the home of the swedish people they saw the russian as the new
big threath because they had a different culture and they where rapedly increasing in
power. The dane where not as a big threath because they lost the goths and they had
the same culture. Thus is was to be set in stone who was the main enemy of sweden to this day:
Sweden vs Russia

Well Sweden truted to become a super power and they did. They colonised and treyed
as fast before the Russian to take over the finnish-ugrish people and baltic people before
the germa8n tautenic order or russian colonised. As who colonised poland and balkan could say
who was a super power in the region.
But the Russian Swedish(more like g8erman now) people wanted his people, the russian too
to achive glory! The only way was to attack Sweden a supper power at the time,
to gain a port, called Saint Peters Burg to get all the information from the new developing
Europe. This made Swden superpower -> Sweden and Russia -> Russian superpower
This made fear in all of the Swedish people. And when the last good swedish king
died with out any child to follow him. What did the swedish do?
Well it is well argu that any normal country at this stage in time whould have choosen
a democracy but NO, the swedish people made there king a french farmer boy that had
no relationship what so ever with the swedish blood line or the contry it selfe. It
whould even have been better if they added the danish king, sweden "number 2" enemy(maybe Poland?).

But the true to acctualy fact is that the Swedish roayls wanted to get tighter tighs with France.
France did not like Russia when it was a supper power. And this is where Sweden became to shit.
In the year 1700.
Closer ties to frenche made more liberal views come to sweden like:
Jews are people too and not mafia that do not belong in a contry like sweden.(the 1st jews imigration wave)
Fuck the chruch and cutlure values!(just like in frenche revolution)
Many ugly thing from france came to sweden.
But sweden had athleast a ally against there main enemy Russia.
From the period 1700-1945. Sweden had a 50% influench from the liberal French
and 50% influench from the contry Germany(the contry that held values and was much better
then French because they had more similar culture)

When WW1 and WW2 started we can see this clearly, Sweden is a little boy pissing him self
to choose witch side to join. French or German - ether one wanted to attack russia(yes french did not
like russia just like germany too)

Well germany died as a contry and sweden became 100% french liberal shit hole.
The Swedish politcal new about this afther the war and wanted ot make it much slower by
installing the cleaning program from 1945-1960. This program sterilised undesierbeal people like
jews and ugly fuck that are not ethnical clean. And I dont blame theme because what is so wrong with
the idea, People and people homeland??? Just racis people say agains this, because no racist people
dont want to have races and thus makes theme racist becaus they want to kill all races.

But afther 1960 sweden begun with mass imigration and well the rest is history...


48 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

  1. Kill all blue cats, legend say

that witches from there black hats make
blue cats come out, from the devil him selfe, they are
created to steal milk from the witches neighbors. When
the blue cat spil milk it turns, to mushrooms, but not any!
The deadly mushrooms are from the blue cat, thus we need
to kill all blue cats. Thank good, have you ever seen a blue
cat? That is because all of our ancestors killed all
blue cats. Thus no cats are left to steal our milk for
the devil to drink. Boy kill blue cats but men, like
myselfe, kill dragons! (must no allways be blue cats,
cam allso be other small animals, like rabbits)
(There is a secret message in this text, can you figure it out?)

49 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

"These people were called "Tocharian" by late-19th century scholars
who identified them with the Tókharoi described by ancient Greek
sources as inhabiting Bactria. Although this identification is now
generally considered mistaken, the name has become customary."
Thus, the name tocharians, is misleading and has a real meaning
I can present to you:

Takl[toch]amakan Desert + aryans[arians] = Tocharians

Languges:Uyghur borrowing from Arabic
tark = abandon
makan = place
Taklamakan = the place of ruins, the place of a forgoten world, you go in never go out, in the desert there is something hiding

Languages:Indo European
Aryan = Nobel [one or many]person(people), ["hero" person] in "true" European(the word hero developed from the word aryan, so best to translate it is to say "hero" but that is not the direct deffenision that is was used from the begining, but it developed in Eirope arayn to the word "hero" and have pretty much the same meaning.

Thus we can say:
Tocharians = forgoten hero people

Now, the people who cam up with the name tocharian,
where not the tocharian themselfe. Thus they did
not know what the word arayn meant, they thouth
aryan meant "people", and not hero people. So
it is better to say this:
Tocharians = forgoten people
And that is the truth, they are a forgoten people,
some of there anchestor live among the smae place
there graves are at(ughur people, to some extent).
I mean most ughur people like, 95% have no connection
what so ever with tocharians. The number 95% I took
direct from my asshole, but you get the point, that
mayority of people who live now in the land of
the tocharians have no direct relationship with
the dead people(but some have!).

Now the 0,1% of the 5% are like some small village in some remote
mountin. the rest 4,9% of the people who have
aryan "futhers" like green, blue eyse, tall body,
blond or red hair is often the case of slav slavic people.
You see, people in siberia, Kazaks, mongols, uguhrs get some
of there women from slav trade. Now the slave trade
is only to russia and slavic people in Europe but not limited
to the Euro-Asian continent. They allos takes slaves from
chines people, Turks(what ever that is sopose to mean) and
many other people in this slave trade. The slave are mostly women.

  1. They may have a fethis for Aryan women
  2. Aryan women are bilt to live in a cold climate, thus

it is smart to take a slavic women(not the kind of people
in america who think they are aryan, or for that matter
"white" when they have brown eyes and black hair) because
they are designed to live a nomadic life in the frozen
cold north climate.
3. The most important reson is because, these people
need to pay another clan to marrige the person. It is much
more economical to just take some girl without paying,
who is not in a clan.

The slave trade has existed from the time of civilisation
in siberia. When white people traded black africans
mongols and turks traded with theme selfe and arabic people
slavic people. This ended in the year 1900. So for about 100 years
ago there existed white slaves in siberia. Now, it was pretty
much the same in Russia between the land lords, threating there
pesant at the same level as slaves. This is where the word
slav come from. Because slav are slaves. Often these cildren
get aryan feuthers like green eyes or something else. But
the DNA will fast die out after like 5 generations. So the
next time you see a mongol with green eyes he probebly had
like 5 generation back a russian mother who was kidnaped and
went on the slave market. Now granted, there are some tribes
in siberia who all have aryan futhers and the same thing gose
for ughuru people. But most people with aryan fither dont go
back to old times, the people who lived there bore
the today people roam the steps.

But granted, most ughur people have more round eyes then
other nomadic people in siberia. This is probebly due
to that they have all some aryan DNA making there eyes
more round then flat like mongols and turks.

Back to the begining, the tocharians where allrady dead
when the old greeks where talking about theme!

From wiki:
The name may be an Areeb Uyghur borrowing of the Arabic tark,
"to leave alone/out/behind, relinquish, abandon" + makan, "place".
[1][2] Another plausible explanation suggests it is derived
from Turki taqlar makan, describing "the place of ruins"

Now, they say "may" so it is not 100%!!!
Uyghur borrowing maybe borrowing from old tocharian?
(probebly not)

Ether way, one thing is for sure.
Tocharian are probebly not suppose to be tocharains
that is most likley a miss label, maybe? I have no idea.
But one thing is for sure.
From Image:
We can see the Indo-European had 2 mayor migration period that can be
described like this:
The blue one came 1st, this was a mix of
red and bloond haired people. In Europe the red haired became
Celts and bloond became Germanic(this is my thery and I think
it is pretty good explination). The greek and Roman where
a mix between blond and red haired people. At the same
time people went to west china desert.

Now the red area is the 2nd migration period, only bloond people this
time. And the red people are more "nigger" like for some odd reason.

But tocharians are more like celts and germans then slavs or indians.
But they are still more like slavs and indians then chines or mongols!

---Something else:---
Chinese mythology tells storys about tocharians in:
The Peach Blossom Spring
Yes, the chines think white people are NICE from fairy tales.
And from:
Journey to the West
(NOTE:Journey to the West is more when tocharians died out,
so they are not directly talking about tocharians but
about there children when the tocharians are degenerating and

(The red people in Viking are influence from celtic mostley,
because it is much easy for vikings to just steal you wife
then pay for a wife from another village(clan))

To end this, here is a article that is complete bullshit(I
have not read it all, but the head line say it all)
(this is probebly totaly useles in information):

50 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

The Peach Blossom Spring(Chinese: ; pinyin: Táohua Yuán; literally: "Source of the Peach Blossoms")
Youtube video:UmIUapAQOEA
Orginal Source:

“Uncle Tom Dream”
A fariy tale that will be created in about 200 years in the futher when there will be no more "kill whitey" By Anon
During? the ?reign period? of PeppaKorn[2210-2250]? of? the? Jungle Administration ?there? lived ?in? The
City of Detroit a nigger thug.
One? day,? as? he? followed? the? course? of? a? case after the booty,? and lost track of how far he had gone. Suddenly, he he came upon a abandon KFC restaurant filled on the floor with old KFC buckets and emty Kool-Aid bottles that stretching for several hundred paces along the ground. Amazed at the sight, the nigger thug pressed ahead. He wanted to make his way to the end of the KFC. There was a small cave in the side of the wall in the counter back. It seemed as though light was emitting from it. He abandoned his place of worshiping the old gods and went inside.

At first it was extremely narrow, allowing for only one person to squeeze through. After walking another twenty or thirty paces, he suddenly exited onto an open clearing. The land became flat and broad. Houses were neatly arranged in rows. There were fertile fields, beautiful ponds, mulberry trees, KFC restaurants in good working condition. Pathways crisscrossed the fields, and one could hear the intermingled sounds of chickens and dogs. There were people walking back and forth, busying themselves with planting crops. The clothing of the men and women was unlike anything he had ever seen. Old and young alike seemed happy and contented. When they saw the nigger thug, they were all shocked and asked him where he had come from. He answered each and every one of their questions. They brought him home with them, setting out beer, killing chickens, and preparing food in his honor. When the other villagers heard about the nigger thug, they all came to ask him about where he had come from. They told the nigger thug that their ancestors had fled the chaos of the chimpout apocalypse, and had led their wives and fellow villagers to this isolated area. No one had left since. As a result, they had become completely cut off from the outside world. When asking about the name of the current tribe, it became apparent that they did not know about the Jungle Administration, much less the Obama or Hillary Clinton Dynasties. As the nigger thug told them in great detail the news from the outside world, they all sighed in despair. More people invited him to their homes to cuck and learn from his animals(culture) way. He stayed on for a few more days before taking his leave. As he was departing, some of them said to him, "No need to tell outsiders about us."

He then left, retracing his path and putting up chiken bones as markers as he went. When he arrived at The City of Detroit he came up in the center of the main sqaure and screamed to the people what had happened to him. The niggers of the city then sent a army of thugs and hood rats to find the lost utopia. However, they got lost while looking for the markers that the nigger thug had left behind and were unable to find the trail. After that, nobody made any further inquiries and a new legend was born.

51 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


52 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

This is correction to wrong in the text, I assume the people who read(like any body is reading) muh text are niggers with out the basic knowlegde and will there for miss understand my text. Thus here are corrections in this text that niggers and white nigger alike probebly could not figure out for them selfe:

  1. When I say goths I mean Geats, for more information about Geats + Danish vs Sved war read bewhoulf(a very acurate history book, lel)
  2. ofc it was not 100% frenche, but for example in 1950 hallowen came to sweden and other degenerate stuff like [rock and roll] and beathels. Sweden became very american influenc as they needed it for it was strategecal against sovijet union.

Yeah, afther germanys fall all kind of American and English degenerating stuff came to Sweden and Soijet union had spies in Sweden to spread Karl Marx culture dream, a people that looked like shit. But the person who is reading htis probebly can not use his or her brain so it dose not even matter to say anything more.

you need to agre that post 50 is prety smart. am I right??? yes!

---something else on a side note---
Germanic culter is very not open to outsiders, i would say in compareson to other cutlures like nigger culture in russian land or japan. But not in the same way as mafia.

53 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Who won WW2?
Well it is pretty easy answer, is it not?, the Allies and the Nazi-fasict scum where defeated.
Well no, I say. Because wining a war means to win something, like gold or something like that.
0. German die as a contry, the germanic people died in germany. Bertter die then be Culutre Enrich
by Karl Marx ideas without your will
Italy died by 1/2 and Japan died no at all. But thoses contrys today are still shit because they
are now influensed by culture marxis like all other countrys in west.

  1. Did Russia win in WW2?

Well it took about 20 years to rebuld Russia and Germany. Witch country had a better living standard?
Ofcourse it was not russia. So it was better to be on the losing side as that whould mean
20 years later you would have 2x times better living standards then your opponent. This is a clear
indication that russia did not win the war. I mean the country is still shit and they really did not
get anything. But they did lose something very important in the war, and in the reussian revolution.
That was ther german people that had made all glory to there contry. If they stoped calling germans
facist and instead Nazis for what they truely are they porbebly would have today 2x better living standards
then germany today! So, yeah russian are praying to the Tsar that was german at the same time
they say germans are fasist. Like, ... idk, they are niggers. And we can tank this all to the Zionist
so they could create the state of Isreal.

I mean this in not a bad way, but russia need to accept that they have about 5% if not more!
german culture in there blood and history and what ever! The sonner they accept, the better.
And that 5% is wath made russia to what russia is today, that 5% is the key ingredians for
greath mother russia! But ofc that will never happen.

2. Did England win the war?
Well they lost all there colonis and there closes culture people. German and England had the closes
ties in culture(athleast languge). So the living standar went lover, maybe not lover the Germany, but
still they killed cutlure that was 2nd to there own. And a lot of british people died, but that is
not so important, the colonise are important to not lose!!!

Winston churchil some may say was a god goy. But they dont know what they are talking about.
Winston Churchil is a pcycopat that want only to spilll as much blood as he could in his life time.
Yes this is true and you can look it up, he developed his cycopatic thinking in some african war
or some shit. But yeah, Winstone Churchil was not a goy he was a crazy man, as in insane.

3. Did the Americans win?
Well no, because 80% of america was german and well now they where all selfe hating germans and
well they became good goys.

So who won the war?
Well it was Isreal, they did yes, have a buch of jews killed but in the long run. They got what they
wanted out of the war. So yeah, the only people who won the war I say was the Jews. They even got
america all for theme selfe and not 50% jew and 50% german, no 100% jew. Yes the germans
jews did not win much, as there german jew culture dissapered. Like the ugly languges jidish(my personal
taste, this is not being mean, just taste from a person who speaks "proper" german whould say
like my selfe, like in english but with some extrem shity accent) and other stuff. There
children will only speak modern hebrew witch has gramatic german. I mean the American
Zionis Jews where the winer for the most part, but ther european jews where alls too some
extent winers, maybe. But the winer are the zionist jews.

54 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Have you ever lisen to the newest degenerated music that comes out from jew mafia hollowod and it got
stuck in your head? Well maybe you think that it is some brainwashing they do to make it stay longer
in your head. But you are acctaly wrong! It is much deeper and much more intresting.

Well we call it, earworms (or "ohrwurms," as they're called in Germany), repetunitis or melodymania.
The resons for this:
Well many thereys do exist, one is, that I myselfe think is the best(this may not be true) is:
That the human brain is made to react to surten sounds when we where hunter and gahters. Like
your brain is designed to remember how it sounds when a bad animal is sneaking up to you. Thus
you need allways to remeber how it sounds, or maybe you need to know all the bird sounds.
This is probebly from when human where hunter and gahters and is very old. If you dont have this
effect, most likle you are sick in the brain, and have a menta disability. Sorry to say, put
all normal people like songs. So embrase it, that you can remeber songs, because that is natrual.

Well how did the old ways go? Well in the old days people when they wanted there young children to
learn the ancient wisdome of the past, they told theme in songs. They sung or sing. Well
today in africa they have like 3 hours songs that tell storys of the past. It is much easy
to rember a song then to rember a story. So a good lanuges is a languges that you can sing!

So in Viking religion what do we have? Well "Poetic Edda" a big book of songs. Why?
Because the viking where singing when they told about there old gods! Just as the 1st christian
when the bible did not exist!! Same with the old germa4nic people gods!!! How do people today
in africa with out any writing system remember there old ways? Well they sing it!!!!
So lets all sing along, because that is how we will rember these words forever, lasting in the
fun in singing[ and maybe dancing]. (music add to the singing, just like butter taste better with bread)

55 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I asked a kike:Are you under represented in media like movies and school?
Well kike told me the answer:yes
And I sad NO! Jews are no represented in media or movies and such, they are under represented!
But they are over represented behind the curtain, including the curton that is made out of iron!

What is Yggdrasil?
A tree? No! It is the home of the world. The ancient germanic people thought
the hole univers was there home. A home made of tree, the same tree that is Yggdrasil.
Not a cat to eat the rats, but a snake at the time of germanic people. Under the house
of Yggdrasil we will not find a cat, but a snake to eat so that Yggdrasil will be clean.
On top of the house, there is a eagle. But eagle can fly, but this one can not, because it
is rooster that is flaping it wings to great the new morning.

Cat or Snakes do not seem to have been pets by the orginal indo-europeans.
When they spread, they went some to egypt and got there the cat, they
spread the cat up that replaced the pet snake. But this dose not explain
how the story pussy in the boot is so similar in india and europe and it is a cat.
This may mean two migration periods of the indo-european, the first by
celts, germanic, greeks and tocharians. They gave the cat to slavic and
indians who where still in the indo-european homeland(here the story developed pussy in boots).
When indians and slavic migration period begun the pussy in cat fairy tale
spread to german and celt. Thus german, celts, slavic have same pussy in
boot fairy tale as indians? If this is true, pussy in the boot is a fairy tale
that whould have been created 4000 years ago and not 5000 years ago. Like red
riding hood was created 900-800 years ago, in puting a perspective.
NOTE:I am not saying Egypt are not indo-european or indo-europeans. But it
is most likley here the cat came from. From wiki the cat came form the first
citys or another therey say it was selective breeding, anyway the cat came
from middeleast area where the first citys where, egypt, mesopotania, cyprus.

Allways when one look at mytology in any culture one need to understnad that
is is most likeliky something really stuff that is interprited in way.
Dwarf skill in doing nice metal work, came from romans. When the germanic people
saw that nice swords popped out of the ground they fougth it was a little human
beings that had made it, and not a dead romans sword. Because
small people that are living in the ground developed from a ancient indo-european
fairy tale that is ancient as shit. From small people different people developed:

  1. Dwarf(the people who make the roman stuff)
  2. bad dwarf(goblins)(mutant people)

Thus we can say dwarf and goblin have a common ancestor, just like charls darwin sad.

So prety much 100% of evertyhing in any mytology has some connection to something,
now I speak about old religions and not new relgions like christianity, budism and such as
they developed in a totaly different way. They developed right on the spot, like
this is how we do it, and that was a new religion. Ofc, it took like 300 years to
develop christianity but pegan religion where allways developing.

Animal abuse is very bad and shall be punished by death. Sex with animals
shall be punished by painful death and the animal must die too so that
the animal dose not need to live with shame. Rodens as rats have no value and shall
be killed as fast as posible just like bad people as they are not worth more the rats.
Animals are part of the village and shall be threated at the same level as long as
they care about one selfe. Best if the person that makes the abuse to the animal
die at the hand of the animal it selfe. Abuse a cow or a horse? Well the best way is that
the cow or horse kills you! And then one shall kill the horse or cow
if found human flesh inside the mouth of the animal. That is how it gose.

who is the white mans(indo-european mind you!) best friend? dogs! Oh, hohohoh! Nope! It is horses.
Horses is more important and better and smarter then dogs, they where first
domesticated by "white" people and are in all catogorys better then dogs.
Well it is not supprising that mlp go so popular, then some other
shit furry god TV show. Why? Probebly because it is still in the blood
of the all indo-european people know with out thinking that horses are much
better then dogs. Yes, maybe dogs are on 2nd place. But this is the facts:

  1. The Aryan where the biges horse lover of all the worlds people!

They created Unicorns and Pegasis because they loved most of all
in the hole world horses. Maybe in pakistan and North India
if these place would be more popular they whould be most
bronys located here?
2. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
(yes, I know only like 10% of Iran is aryan and thoses people are all
race mixed to shit just like India, so yeah, people! The reall arayns
of india and iran and many other places like arserbadjan are all dead!
only small remains of runins of blood flow throuth some of these people,
often the case in the porest communitys in these contrys)
3. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
4. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
the dead people of siberia, the proto indo-european
5. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
NOTE:The word "Aryan" whould probebly more correct to say on slavic people
as they are the closes ethnic group of people today that has not gone to shit(lol,
they went to shit in WW2 and russian revolution) of the Indian aryans.
As slav, iran, aryan spread, the iran died just like the aryan of india. This
the slav are still alive and are the most closes to the india aryans.
But still, the germans are pretty araya too! Like to a out sider
there would be totaly no difference for what I just mentioned.
6. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
turks and greeks and 6.5 romans
7. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are
germans(and here we have the western world, like USA and Britan!)
8. The 2nd place of most horse lovers of the indo-european people are

There is no wonder that mlp is so popular by indo-europeans, more supprising
whould it be if it was my little dogs. Well there have allways existed furrys,
just look at werewolfs. Humans have allways wanted to think animals at the same
level of thinking as humans. With feelings and other stuff...
I would not be suprised if people back in the day had werwolf skin and acted
on there one in the forest and killing people and be edgy. Maybe
a less primitive people saw people with wolfe skin kill there people and
thouth they where not people and instead werwolfs?
Well maybe this is not the reason why mlp is so popular, but it can be, maybe?

From Pakistan to America with love <33333333333333 !!!

56 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

All I and You need to know is that we live in a world
that was created by the first indo-european migration(germanic, celts, tocharans)
and not the 2nd indo-european migration(armenians(like they migrated),
what political correct people call aryans, slavs).

The 2nd migration of indo-european people we call white niggers. The 1st
are the only important people and they where filter throuth time by genocide by niggers,
so the only people left pure was the germanic people. And the world is a germanic world and
you are only living in it. There dose not exis and will never exist a germanic contry,
only federations of germanic people like, the contry germany. And the germanic people today
is a rotten corpse dieing slow and painful, but thanks to old Hitler it is deing faster, less pain.

If you have do not have one single aryan futher like green, blue or yellow hair or eyes you are nigger.
If you are american with brown hair and eyes, you are a nigger and should not be asociated in any way
with the indo-european, call your selfe a nigger and kill yourselfe as fast as posible, for the greater

NOTE:If you have a finnish-ugrich nose and aryan futhers you are still a white nigger. No germanic
person has ever had a flat nose like gooks have.

57 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I am in favor of slaughtering horses. There are many good reasons for this practice in terms of animal husbandry and livestock management, but instead I’ll focus on the worst reason of all: I hate horses. They’re big, stupid, and dangerous. People are being killed by these animals every year and yet they have fan clubs and are being portrayed sympathetically in our media. Somewhere right now, a little girl is getting a pony for her birthday. Why not just hand her a lit stick of dynamite, jackass?

There are plenty of reasons I can think of to slaughter every single horse in America. Did anyone ever consider that horses are starving children in the third world? How much grain every year is wasted on what amounts to a lawn ornament for rich people? If you own a horse, you are a murderer.

Comment:100% nigger or white nigger, any white person whould love horses more then dogs, this person dose not rember his indo-european blood when he was in the steps of siberia taming the horse, why? Becuase he was from the very start a nigger!!!

58 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

0037 confermed for a nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

horses are shit

60 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

0037 confermed for a cuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

61 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I got into consperacy thereys about brainwashing. It seems that it is 100% legit to brainwash people with radiowaves but that is not smart, brainwasing people with out there will is the worst brainwasing! The best brainwasing it the good old propoganda posters with sexy and attractive slogans like "Kill all juice for more concentrated power in one persons hands". Force is worst, best is stupidity(degeneracy, breaking the family, ignorant, uneducated, no will power), when you want people to do as you want !

62 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

The thing with Nazi, are "superior". Was not really a big deal before the end of the war. Afther the war, the wining contrys raised this "point" 15x more then it deserves to be meantioned. just saying... not like anybody cares about this

63 Name: just me bloging : [Del]

I watched the Terminator and I think it is a shity movie. It gets from me 3/10.
+1 point because it was revolutionary special effect for the time outher wise
i think the plot line in unnatrual, it is like a "plastic" world. Fairy tales
are much better, why? Well because most folk tales are(like all) are from the reall
world, just presented in a different way. But you can see with Terminator it just
came directly out of some jew in hollywood asshole, big, brown and smells like shit.
Nothing attractive to watch and the ideas and thinking behind is shit, nothing deep in the movie.
Yes, I know they took this "SKYNET" from reallity but it is better presented in a more
realistic way if you just reads some [wikipedia]article. Yes, the thing with suborgs/robots
having human skin was a little bit intresting. But otherwise the movie was pretty bad.
The thing with time travel was just dicussting and I want to puke of how idea as being presented
in this movie. Acting sucked dick. Yes, I know hollywood is presenting in this ways idas to the
public that are claseified to talk about from the US military and Zionist jews that run the contry,
but in general the movie did is pretty bad. This idea with robots having human skin can be see
when we look at Hana Montan and other Jew hollywood actors(yes I know Han Mon is from disney) what ever.
The thing the jews(they) did not realise that in the futher people will not look at other people,
but instead on the internet where there are no people... Just text from other people and stuff imges
from other peoples. It is much simpler for a cyborg to create a human in 2D image and upload
it to the internet then to create a 3D image of a human and upload it to the real world.
It probebly is even true now, or in 5 years when cyborg(A.I.) on the internet can make 2D huamns.
I.A inteligence may not but humans, can allready make fake realistic 2D humans.
The movie was allso prety slow in development in some sceens, like the ending was really really bad.

This is the people who ruled Egypt(ethnicity):
old kingdome, "some people", most likley if not a semetic people, but very likley it was not a semetic
people -> semetic -> niggers and semetic(flip and flop) -> greek/romans(indo-europans!) -> arab(semetic)
[10% of the old is in the new people]
~arabs 1400 years
~greek/romans 800 years (there where some germanic people in egypt right before the colaps of rome, like
6 people, just saying, and some vikings probebly)
~niggers and semetic + ~semetic 1600 years (very hard to say when "nigger" came to "semetic egypt",
because they where allready there...)
~old kingdome 900 years

if in the old kingdome a semetic people where then they whould be one of the first
semetic people to go out of africa.

NOTE:The only important part is that indo-european ruled over the ruins of old egypt
for 800 years! for 100% surtentiy. THUS THE GERMANIC PEOPLE, I AM GERMAN I MADE THE PYRAMIDS!!!
NOTE:The indo-european people who ruled over ruins of old egypt where from the 1st indo-european
migration, thus slav, aryan iran and india, armenians HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON TO EGYPT! This
migth explain why we find DNA from western Europe in Egypt but not eastern European DNA
in egypt, like the tsar of old Russia(SPOILER:he was german). HAHAHAHAHAH LELELELEL
NOTE:Before the greek/roman period it is really hard to keep trak on anything.
NOTE:When I say nigger I mean not niggers in the south, niggers are the most divers
group in body parts.
NOTE:egypt died as a culture in the year 0, as the greek/romans did presurve some egypt
culture(of course much was lost allready) but when christianity hited egypt one can
say that egypten culture died 100%, the greek had like 5-10% of "old egypt" culture.
NOTE:in the period before the greek/romans there could have been indo-european
people in egypt, 1 example is that egypt had horses, and horses where tamed by
indo-europeans. Thus they had some kind of "contact" or some thing... And indo-european
where much more spread in the middeleast at the time, and not like now. They hardly exist
in the middeleast, look at the kurds! Do they look like indo-european? NO! (yes I know
kurds came much later to middel east then the time fram I am speaking about here, but this
is just a example)

they say witches gather every year, on one day..., they fly to a small black mountin, there
they have a party with the devil. How? Well in the small black mountin there dose
exist a cave! A black cave that gose down to hell. And the devil he is in hell. So
it is not on or around the mountin, it is inside.

This idea is european indo-european as a black cave leads down to hell. And a cave
must be supported by a small(or big) mountin to exist. And the mountin must be black,
as in reallity it is a volcano with lava.

64 Name: Part I : [Del]

The development of germanic mytolgical creatures

When the indo-european was created in the big steps of "south russia"/"caucasia"/"I dont know",
they did not belive in anything at all, because they where a new born people. But quikly they
developed the indo-european mytology:

The 1st people belived that men are the "normal". From there view point there existed 3other
human races. That is the little people, the bigger(giant) people and the old people.

The old people became the gods, because they had wisdom.
And then there where the small people and the big people.

Now these 2 races splited up in to more.
The big people in germanic myology became giants,
what they called giants we call mountins. Gaiants became Trolls, that is why
sun ligth on a troll makes it to a mountin.

The small people splited much more,
there where the good small people who became the "Santa Claus"/Nisse/"good dwarf",
people who had developmental disability became the small bad people "Wight",
[Coment:People kill wight manly because you can not support someone who can not do anything -
better to imagion your baby was stolen]
when people saw Roman/Greek metal sword/things they thouth they where made by small
people who lived in the ground called dwarf, dwarf are natrual - there are bad and good to humans

Then there are "gnome-like creature" you will become if you do something bad usally,
these creature are belonging to the small people, and are bad to humans. They are for nature,
these can be associated with "Santa Claus"/Nisse/"good dwarf" creatures, they usally
make the strage ligths you see in the forest. They are "protecting" the forest, like
"fairies". But not "fairies" because fairies are a mix between celtic and germanic mytology.
And this is the cerature from germanic mytologi, the add some celtic and you get faires.
These creature are out in the forest to kill you.

The old gods, where the race of people of the ancestors, they are really not a race. But
more should be thouth about dead ancestors. Here belongs Elf, "wherewolf", Valkyrs, women
in the water picking up men. This shit is about god development and should not be associated
in this text as that would take 50 papers to describe the development of the many gods.

But what I will say is, that Thor or maybe it was Odin, or some shit, idk...
he is tricked to lift Midgard Serpent that is in a cat "cloths", this is a clear indication
that cats had the same functions as snakes. That is snakes where used to eat rats and bad
stuff, then romans came and introduced the cat. Thus the Midgard Serpent is a cat and not a dog.
Because they have the same perpious, cat and dogs. But people where allway had respect for
the snakes, that is why [NOTE:south and north European dragons are not at all the same thing,
and one shall not compare north, south european dragon with easter(slavic) dragon, as all
these dragon have very different way of being created] the viking had so many snakes, and the
snake became a dragon. Germanic Dragon = snake, The snake was view with "good", but still
you need to have much respect to this creature.
Germanic dragon are much more like a snake then a dinosar, like Chines dragon! Fly without
wings. Greek and Roman dragon have wings probebly inspiered from skeletons, because they
where much more "sience" and where digin in the ground.

I whould not be supprised if the tocarians had some influens with introducint the dragon
to the east asia. 1st the old germanic dragon was a snake, the east asian dragon was a snake.
2nd the dragon was bad in tocharians and germanic peoples eyes, and it was good in east asians eyes.
NOTE:There is hard evidence of prof that there was racial tension against tocharians
and race war, from fairy tales.

NOTE:The reason people thouth dragon(snake) could fly was because this happened:
A snake was doing it own bussnes to eat some bird eggs, and the out of no where the
mother bird come and snaps the snake, it lift it up and then thros it to the ground.
And then some people saw it and ow wow! those snakes can fly!(but in reallity they
only can fall). There are allso Chrysopelea. Did you not know snakes can fly?

It seems that germanic dragon from the begining could not bred fire but bred posin air,
but later it bacem fire. The reason why snake have much money is because they are around the
house doing house cleaning and when finding gold they save it somewhere, for theme selfe.

So dragons where probebly just snakes, when you throw a snake they some woobel dance
to stay in air longer, interpreted by people that they could fly. Dragon with
legs and wings are from greek and roman people later when they discovered
dinosars and made a mix between snake and dinasure, creating todays western dragon.

NOTE:One shall take with a pinch of salt this, because all mytologial creautre, I think
I am speaking here for are very different, they are based on big and smalll people in
indo-european myology and from one village to the next are very different can be the
same creature. Oger(france) smae as Troll(south german) same as Giant(viking), big human that
eats humans and live a very primitve life. Like gonesm from greek are very similar to german, one shall
take this really with salt because there is not correct defenision how a goblin looks
like, because they never existed. And one shall allways think that these creature existed,
because they existed to "our"(maybe nor your, but mine athleast) ancestors. People thouth
that allso thinks that do exist, like some birds had wierd ways, like laying eggs in
Bivalvia. Werwolf and other stuff have a completley different orgin.

65 Name: Part II : [Del]

In the middelages village usaly had very different coustoms, in one village
maybe a goblin nose was 10 inces while in the next maybe they had 20 inches.
But from a outsider looking it whould apper as no difference. But one can
not really deffine how a goblin looks like, becuase if one would try, one
will find that one will also describe the how dwarf looked like, because
they share the same orgin. So all this stuff has very uniq way from village, same
as costume, and such. Every village in middelages could be very different from
other village that very close to it. Even different holidays and events.
But more often they where similar... from inside it looks completley different but
from outside it looks the same to a person from japan

NOTE:The line where a dwarf is a dwarf, and a goblin is a goblin is very weak.
So they could be the same in some place(village1), and in another place very different(village2).
But a goblin and a troll are very different and a line is very strong, because
a goblin is small and a troll is big - and a human is in the middel.

the greates people who had ever lived I call the germanic, now this migth be
because I am germanic.... but:
they are the reason who propelled us to the modern day, based on the
knoledge of the old. But they where veyr few,... I AM BEST, THE END!

china is saying they are communist,
communist say that they want to kill all reaces to make the singl one "race", a pile of grey shit
but in reality is very different from the pappers and ideas

white niggers like americans and slavs should be viewd as worthles pices of shit, as that is what
they formed theme selfe to. When America, Britan and Slav are dead the world will be much better place,
not that I want this, but that is the truth they are worthles idiots in the core, that have lost¨
all there old ways. And once lost the old ways one can not get it back(not at the same level).
There is little value talking to idiots like americans, as they theme selfe
can not understand what one is saying, even if telling theme 100x times. They still will not
understand. they have lost there old ways for ever and ever

NOTE:If you are mix race, like german, some asian shit you shall not be clasified as
any group and shall not take and credit for what your people(anchestors had achived)
as you are a pile of shit, and dose not look like your ancestors. Thus you can not
have the same thouths,and thus. Yes, all people are mixed, but to some extent the
pure will overlook the ulgy becoming one people all. But if not overlooked enouth
one is not old, but two old people. And that way, I can not accept one, thus one
shall be forever and ever called a pile of shit and be view as suchs, like:Uyghurs people, Turks in Turkey
and white Americans!
I will never accept theme more then what they really are, a pile of shit.

66 Name: The relationship between you and your dead mother : [Del]

The Valkyries shall be thouths as your dead ancestors.
1st lets say this:Angels in christianity are the same as valkyries.
In old indo-european religion people thouth this:
The person who is giving birth to you in the living world,
will give birth to you in the dead world, so your mother
will gide you in to this world just as in to the dead world.
The thing with valkyries becoming sexy and stuff is afther the
Roman invasion of the germanic people, the germanic religion became
war like, because they where constantly at war. And stuff
like Valhall became popular, because now the germanic religion
became war like. This changed the image of valkyries from your
mother to the "dream" girl of your life. This
of course women thinks is wierd, should there not be
a male valkyries? Well no.

In indo-european religion your ancestors are gods, thus when
your mother die. She becomes a god. What then is a god?
Well I probebly understands that a "god" is just like in reality,
there are betas and alph people in the real world, one can
become a alpha(strong god) from a beta(weak god, like your mother)
with hard training like "odin".

67 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I think the new Terminator movie is going to suck. What do you think >>1-66 ?

68 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I dont watch shity degenerated movie from fag contry USA, only when I am really bored. But Becuase you people in America have forgoten your ancient GERMANIC roots I will give you a limbotan comic that I made with quality GERMANIC humor and production values and stuff... I THINK YOU SUCK, AND NOT GOING TO SUCK ANON! DETH TO AMERICA! NOW GAY HAS GOTEN YOU, AND SOON THE WORLD WILL NO LONGER KNOW WHAT AMERICA WAS, BUT IN THE YEAR 1901 GERMAN AMERICA DIED, AND THEN IT WAS JUST A PILE OF SHIT CONTRY

69 Name: blog : [Del]

I think it is really discusting when outher people talk about holocast is shall only be talked about the partys that shall be concerned about this subject, that is the germans and the jews in germany. As outside forces have no understanding in the play that was playing out under the time. From the past I know how one shall look at jews and at germans, and it is black and white. For outside jews/zionist from America to talk about it is discusting, most of the jews + germans that where part in this play are allready dead and we will never know there view, they died in the war. The german people are dead and the germans in germany is not the same germans as where beofre, same with the jews in germany. So there is basically... i dont know... the zionist killed the Jews, the end

south germany + osterich is worst germanic place of all "offical"(like not england, as england is selfe hating shit with no identity, identy crisis) german places.

Pedohilia did exist beck in europe in the middelages and stuff, but it is not like one migth think, because the people of today are not very much the old people, more like all people in America are shit, as in brown turds. But SEX in general was not the main reason for pedohilia, it was simply for survival. Idk, everybdoy seems to be retarded today-

People seem to think there only exist "christianity" and only "pegan worship" well, I hate people today as for about 500 years ago there, did not be any such thing as in today "christinity" is practisised. And christianity is not a jews religion, the core part of the religion is not jews, but some decorations are jews(like christ), but much was all created by indo-european. So I dont know... people are stupid.

70 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

the turkish people are the bigest enemy of the indo-european
but ironacly every turkish person in the world has about
10% indo-european DNA(if not more DNA), thus look not 100% like a mongol,
the jews who want to kill the indo-europeans are in acctaly fact
turks(asganazi jews). Turks killed tocharians, pakisatan aryan, iranians aryan,
a little bit of indian aryans, turkey aryans, greek and roman indo-european,
turks(jews) killed the germanic people, siberia aryan where killed by turks,
The only indo-european people who died at the hand of not the turks where
the celts, who died of other indo-european hands(romans)

jews are turks, turks is the number 1 and only enemy of the indo-european.
Why? I dont know... I am not turkish(thank god)

Q:why do turkish people(including jews turkish people) have a fethis for killing all
A:I have not a clue, but it is true! As that is what history tells me.

71 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

egypt, why is egypt so powerfull?, so betuifull? and so mysterious? Well the answer is very simple! All of the worlds people from south america to iceland have indid contributed to the making of the great empire egypt. Except for niggers. Why? Well, humans began in etiopia, to move out from africa(etiopia) you need to cross egypt, as that is the only was to go thoruth the wall that is separating asia from africa, the great wall of sand, called the Sahara desert. To go from the birth place of humans to asia you must pass egypt, thus allso contributing to the egyptian culture. This means that everybody that is outside of africa has contributed to egypt civilisation.

Thus koreans have more in common with building the pyramids then niggers screaming in America that they made the pyramids, as most niggers in america are from the west africa or south africa because of this there ancestors never lived near egypt as they never went out of africa. And as we know koreans have only contrbuting to this world is sucking chines-, america-, white-, indo-european-, japanes-, russian-, mongolian-, turkish dick.

72 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

America culture is right now being replaced? Why? Well very simple answer to this.
The america people are changing, the same people who founded the contry are
not the same people today who are living in the contry. Well The people of
today in america have about 10-50% DNA of the orginal people, just becaue
you have 10% DNA of someone dose not mean you are that persons child,
you must athleast have more then 50%, I can say I am germanic because
I have more then 50% DNA in my blood. As just saying 10% dose not give
you the same abillyty as your ancestors, you look different from theme and
think in a different way("you brain is not the same"). Well in America
this started in the year 1901, the Americans wanted to make America
a pure state with only germanic people(scandinavians, germans, english(self-hating),
and north france). But this was rejected and shit people from europe came, like
spanish, irish, slavs from east europe and other shit. This made
America a European contry and not a german contry, thus in WW2 and WW1
we can see how much they are selfe hating as they are not
100% german contry but more like 50% german contry and 50% shity from rest of
Europe. The founding father where "german"(~english) and thus afther
WW2 we can see a BIG drop in bloond and blye eyes in America as
shit from spain is mixing with germans(english, germans, north france, scandinavia, etc...).
This was not seen from anybody as something as they hade now invented
the word "white", thus if you are from spain you are at the same
level as germans, even thruth you are a pile of shit and degenerate
the population. This even went so far that there where
racist amongs white towards germans, and even some germans died.
Who contributed to this? Well 2 forces, the jews and none german(english, north france, scandianvians, etc...)
europeans(south france, spanish, slavs, finsih and hungarians).
Now the contry is dieying from indisde out, and europe is dying from
outside in. Europe is dying mainly because of the jews and not
other eurpeans.

73 Name: Werewolf Part I : [Del]


germanic werewolf are warriors, in indo-european religion.

The gods made the 3 class(in india called varna),
and still used in european culture, that is the king, the warrior and the pesant.
We well talk about werewolf later, but lets talk about the caste system.
The indo-european belived in a caste system that was integrated to there religion,
and culutre in general. All indo-europan caste system have 3 classes, that is
the king, the warrior class and the pesant.

In india, they have 3 classes, that is:
The king, became brahmanas, they allso, that is the king, is the person that need to preserve
the culture of the people, thus he became high priest, as he was the king of the society
he needed allso to make sure that ancient hisotry and shit was preserved.
Then we have the 2nd class that is satrias, the warrior class. They protect the king and the
empire(all the other classes).
Then we have the wesias, they are the working class, they are the "pesants".
And then we have sudras class, this class belong to niggers, when indo-european
came to india, they saw niggers, and made a new class for theme, that was the working class(all
pesants), while the lowest class of the indo-europeans necame workers, but in europe
they never found a replacement for the pesant class, thus in europe we still have only 3 classes
(until slavery, in 1800!, just like india(but they where not slaves?) for 5000 years ago!)

werewolf was just the 2nd class, the warrior class. same as berserker.
werewolf == berserker !!!

The king in indo-european religion shall be view as tribe clan leader, and he is every
year replaced, if he dose not win the indo-european olimpic game, witch not only include
athletic competisions, but allso include brain activitys as poetry and chess!
[But one shall allso remeber that in indo-european religion, there has allways, been
human sacrafis, of the enemys and bad people!, but that went away as indo-european civilisations
became civilised, as can be seen to some degree in greek culutre]

werewolf in slavic mytology is from the vikings, if not can be found werewolf in india or persian
folk lore! - oh! They have "Yakshas" witch is a warrior friend sometimes with humans, thus
they must have been warriors.

Thus werewolf are just warrior class of indo-european class.

NOTE:Werewolf in germanic mytology shall not have a tail, as humans do not have tail.
In some village in germanic people werewolf do not have tail.

Well we know then what werewolf are:Werewolf are just some old indo-european warrior class, that
was mutelated in to some beast when christianity came along. Usaly the warrior class that where
werewolf where agressive and fouth like they where wolfs.

Well this is the part where we lean back, and lauth sarcastic because now we know the silly truth!
Now I went to the toilet to shit, as I wrote this went I hade a aruge, but I did not only
shit brown turds on the toilet, I allso shited out new ideas!

So, is this the hole story, with werewolf? Well no! There is more to it:
Why in the holle world whould some warrior wear wolf skin and wolf heads? Is that not
make it harder to fight? Well there are 3 rasons, and they go back a long time.

74 Name: Werewolf Part II : [Del]

But before we talk about the reasons, lets talk about something totaly different:

How to source criticis indo-european mytology:
There are ~7(maybe 8) groups of indo-european people:
1st indoeuropean people of the west(europe), witch can be devided too:
1st indoeuropean people of the west(north west europe) and
1st indoeuropean people of the west(south west europe)

1st indoeuropean people of the east, tocharians - dead people

2nd indoeuropean migration of the west, slavic people

2nd indoeuropean migration of the east, indians and persian

1st indoeuropean migration that stayed in homeland(turkey, orginal cucasian people, people
in siberia) - dead

2nd indoeuropean migration that stayed in homeland, kuridsh people

If for say X exist in 3. but not in 4. and allso X exist in 1. we can say that
X came to 3. with like Vikings, or the Tutonic Order(german crusade agains 3. or "slavs").

NOTE:All the indo-european religions are extreamly similar! If a person from a slavic tribe
who practised pegan religion whould see how india or germanic or celtic pagan religion was
practised he whould have sad, that is is to 90% just like his own pagan religion. All indo-european
religion where allmost identical, there was allway 10% difference because of two reasons:

  1. the native population made the religion change a bit, e.g.:

viking and slavic religion where influensed ~10% from sami people(finnish, mongols, "japanes" 0,00001%!)
italian and celtic people where influnesed by the people who lived there before theme, that is a
people similar to the people living in spain today.
the german where influensed by X, as it could be a people from europe before, but allso not,
as it is very complicated with the germanic languge.

But all of this I will talk about later, as the sami and spanis people are a little bit different,
and shall be treated as it. It will be posted in 1 month and will take much text.
2. The indo-european religion changes, naturaly by 3-5% by time, you know, it is natruallllllllllllll
for religion to change!

NOTE:[Hallstatt culture]

75 Name: Werewolf Part III : [Del]


So we had the 3 classes in the indo-european society, that is:

  1. king
  2. warrior
  3. farmer/pesant

Now, farmer/pesant did not exist when the indo-european where not argiculture, when they did not
know how to plow the land. Thus in the begining we only get 2 classes:

  1. king
  2. warrior

Now, the king, class is choosen for the person who wins the olympic game, that is held every ~9year.

So we get only "one class" in the end:

  1. warrior

Now, image a bunch of warriors having only wolf skin, riding on horses. Having bloond, red hair and
green, gray, blue eyes. And tall like small trees.
That is how the orginal indo-european looked like!

0. it is much easier to hunt wolf if you look like a wolf, and mongols have enouth problems with wolfs.

  1. Wolf is good insulation
  2. You want to get the power of a wolf
  3. [I forgot this/I dont remember this;Has something to do with the indo-european languges ;-)]

Thus we cum to this video:
"Be----ufshichicsehfsie-----l----a---------rus in 5min"
As they say: In the begining we where wolfs, thus:
wolf, that is how indo-european looked like in stone age.

They allso say because of this, they did not have farming, thus did they have:Rigsthula?
Well this migth explain why slav are so niggers! They never had argiculture!!! Well, no.
They probebly had, most likely why slav are so shity is because of the climate and mixing
with sami and mongol people. But I can not deny, where credit is due. That music video was really good!

So next time, when you see a werewolf, imagion a person devolution in culture to become
a stone age man, with a club in his hand! As Thor, had in the begining a club, develped to a axe
and then to a hammer. But in the begining is was just a club!(and not a spare because a club
and a spear are totaly different things. But that is for another day...) Hercules, Thor are
in reallity the roal model to the werewolf!

NOTE:British island have 50% celtic and much much shit, but briths island history is EXTREMLY
complecated. And will take a long time to talk about.
NOTE:Werewolf is very simple, witches on the other hand is very very hard to talk about!
But I am working on it, but rember witches have a 10x time more complex history the werewolfs
NOTE:In china cast system "Semu" are tocharians! But then they died(tocharians) and the name
was still left, to no change!

I will write abou witches and other stuff later, but it takes really long time. But I will never
leave w2ch, in a bad maner!

76 Name: Werewolf Part IIII : [Del]

NOTE:To be seen as germanic, you need to be accapted by other germanic people as
germanic, why? Well if you are not, you can not entisipate in the germanic olympic
game that takes place every ~9 years, and has been canceled about ~100 times now :-(!
Did the germanic people of britan ever antisipate in the germanic olympic games?
NO!, Do other germanic people see theme as german? NO! Hitler tryed once, and he was
where nice!!! But they sad NO! Britan and England are not germans in other germans
eyes(athleast not my eyes). They even look(most of the poeple) not like germanic people!
Are they even celtic? No! Are they spanis? No! THEY ARE A PILE OF shit AND THAT IS ALL!!!
No body say they are "britsh/english" brothers! Why? Because they are a pile of shit.
NOTE:But nigger, like americans and in africa are more niggers than briatan-shit.

A super secret, to all none degenerates:You know what? All this dose not matter!
Why? Well, simple. The poeple of today are not the people of yesterday, the people
of today are niggers and a pile of shit. So why should they know, this? They dont care
about the truth, because they are not part of the truth, nigger dont care about werewofls
and the truth. Why? Because they are not the same people. They mutalated the image of
werewolfs as much as theme selfe where mutalated. Most people with germanic featuers(indo-eutopean),
blond, red, what ever... know better the truth of werewolfs then people with black hair
and brown eyes. Because people with black and brown hair are not the true people, who ancestors
had werewolf. It is a little bit complicated then this, but one can summaras like this.
But, yeah. Most people are not the same poeple as yesterday, today most poeple are a pile of shit
and shall be view as a pile of shit. And people that are a pile of shit dont care about anything,
because they can not care about something that is not there.

NOTE:The connection between full moon and werewolf, is a "modern" thing. It was created
in rome/greek culture in moder "times". As full moon is when you go berserk. Why? I dont know,
but many culture have that you go crazy in full moon. Just like every culture for some reason
thinks snakes can fly. Thus greek/roman had abandon berserker warrior a long time ago as it was
not affective, and it was seen as only "retards" use this strategy. Thus they connected the moon
and the werewolf. And afther the fall of roman empire the moon and werewolf association where still
strong thoruth europe.

This video is probebly allso relative:iLQ3fNHQVpg tWXwBt5-gKs KYp9wBrv9lI
Werewolf where seen as "outlaws" of society when they where not needed. That is
when berserker strategy in war is not useful.


77 Name: All American are Nigger including white niggers Part I : [Del]

Humans are not people, but information. Like the stuff that flows true the tubes.

--- something else---
The indo-european people in the begining lived exaclyt like the Africans, do today,
in shit clay houses and simple life. Just a little variations because of the climate. There is nothing
wrong to live a simple life, everybody in ancient world lived a simple life in the
begining. Ideas to create are very hard, like to create civilisation is very very hard.
Just so you know, the people of east africa are much smarter then the people of west africa,
but it really dose not matter much, why? Because all people of africa are shit.
[people from africa = niggers]
The people of east africa know more about math, and stuff...
And the people of south africa, lets not even talk about theme!

The indo-european came from east of the black sea, they saw mesopotania,
and because of this. They spread east and west. They allso where
part of the begining of Mesopotania, but that is for another time.
With knowlegde from mesopotania, thye got the weet. And from the ste4ps
they got the horse. And with the horse and the weat they created todays world.

The horse created the weel, thus the sun wheel was born. Not a linage time
did these people think of the world, but in a circule did the world
rhythm follow. Why, is Troy a horse on a 4 wheels and not a dog carrying 4 wheels?
Because the Troyan horse is what the indo-european people where worshiping as
it was the horse that gave, the glory to the indo-eropeans.

The horse, when tamed, people did not ride on it. But it was draging
wheels, as can be seen in Sumeria. Then they discovered that
with enouth skill you can ride on top of the horse.

But lets goi back, as I had sad, these people did belive in simple time line.
Like the year, everything dies in autme and becomes reborn in spring.
That is what the indo-european belived in.


The 1st indo-european migration went to Mesopotania with the horse,
there thye discovered wheat, went to greek(Creta?). Now they made
now argicuklutre, in greek. This was when the last ice age
was melting and disapering. Who lived in the ice age? Well it was
the sami people. And who lived in the south at the entry to the ice age?
The basque and greek(indo-european) people. When the ice age melted the
sami people went up, as they did not know how to live in the new world,
that was created when the ice age was disapering. But who could live in this new
wolrd? Well the basque and indo-european people. The basque people came to Europe
from africa thoruth spain, went up on the caost of france to england, and they
allso went to italy. The indo-european people of greek moved to italy,
and todays germany. The indo-european people who came to italy mixed
with the basque people of italy and became the italien people.
But some other people did not meet the basque people and moved onwards,
to germany. These people we call the celts, if these people had
orginated from italy they whould be niggers and have basque DNA.
But they do not.

Thus greeks and germanic/celtic people are closer. That is
greek is more "pure" to indo-european the italy.

  1. greeks who went to italy, mixed with basque italian people = Romans
  2. greek who went to germany became celtic people.
  3. greek people are very pure, and there are still greek people who have indo-eruopean futhers, but they

are "hiding" for "obious" "resons"

78 Name: All American are Nigger including white niggers Part II : [Del]

NOTE:When the ice age of Europe was removed, we need to remember that
Europe was as populated as siberia is populated today.

NOTE:The new people who populated Europe tryed to stay as much as they could
in the coast regions, as there it was most warth they could find. It is much
hoter besides the sea. It is allso much easier to transport shit when you
are close to the water.

Well what happens next?...
Well, the people who called theme self celtic, who lived in south germany splited.
Some went north and some went west. The people who went north became the germans,
and the people who went east became the celts(they where allready the celts...).
And as I have sad before, the germans and the celts are much closer to the
greeks the romans, in DNA and all other shit(but they are still very close to Romans).
If they had came from Romans they whould not have been very "clean" and thus the people
of celtic and germanic orgin whould look today like Romans, that is like a pile of shit.
But thanks to god, it did not happen like that.

The celts, came to france, there they founded a shit people called "XXX" that
where basque people. They killed theme, but allso where cuck to theme.
But in the end, some basuqe people bacme celtic, how? Well very simple.
They where so ashemed of theme selfe, that they did not look like celts
they colored there hair red. To look more like celtic people. Why,
did they need to have there had red, to be celtic? Well simple put it,
in the indo-european religion you need to look like your ancestors,
and they, as they where celtic religion had to look like celts,
other wise they could not practise the celtic religion. And we know
they where not celtst but a mix between celts and basque people,
that is a pile of shit.

But not all celtic people where mixed in to a circle of shit, some survived
and went to the briths islands. There they discovered even more basque
shit people. And they had enouth! They killed as many basque people as
they could find! And let me tell you, it was a basque hollocaust that
is still remembered to this day! HAHAHAH! KILL, BLOOD SHALL RAIN, HOLOCAUSE,
celtic people. But oh, no, no, no! A very small basque population surived,
that will we speak about later.

Either way, the celtic people found stone hange made by basque people and
stuff... Nobody cares...

What happened to the germans? Well, they moved north, why not to the east?
Well simply put, what is in the north that dose not exist in the east?
Well water, the water of scandinavia make scandinavia better to live the
east Europe as it is warmer and much easier to travel along the coast line.
But here is the IMPORTANT PART, the germanic people never mett the indigion
people of scandinavia, why? Well the sami people went up, as the ica age
went up, thus leaving a big area with no peopel, this space was filled
by germanic people. The sami people could not live where the germanic people
lived and the germanic people could not live where the sami people lived. As
they had to distict ways of life, ther germanic people farmers, and the sami
hunter and gahteres. Thus these to groups could not "mix"(they did a little bit in viking age,
but that is not the point).
Thus the germanic people where the most "pure" people of the indo-european people.
And the germanic people have allso red hair, and have sam way witch celtic people, but
much less in %.

Well, civilisation is not the same thing as argiculture, but it is close.
Thus the germanic people had last of the indo-european people
goten civilisaiton that was slowly but surley coming from greek land.



Well the basque people who survived in England, bacme afther wherey big,
as the indo-european DNA is not "strong" and thus your child will be more
basque then indo-european. Thus we have most people of England today basque shit,
who cam from a small population. Just the same thing that happened to
The United States of America for about 100 years ago, but that is another story.

Lets talk about the important thing, the indo-european religion.


79 Name: All American are Nigger including white niggers Part III : [Del]

The indo-european belived in a world that die and the gets reborn, like
the year. All life die in autume and is born in spring.

When a indo-european person dies, he(or she(I will say from now he)) will be
jugde by a person if he gose to haven or hell on his deads in his life. If
he did good he will go to haven and if he did bad he will go to hell.
But all indo-european people have allways a 2nd chance, he will be reincarnation.
All indo-europe people belived in reincarnation.

The people belived in 3 main "gods", that is:
the god that create the world, the god that protects the world, and the gods that destory the world

But you shall not be sad, that the world will be destroyed, as it will allso
be reincarnated. Every year, the world is created in spring time, and every year
the world is destroyed in autume.

And not only the world is reincarnated, but allso the people. But you may say,
am I being recarnated? That dose not work! I am a mortal! But well, they did
beliv in reincarnation of the avrege person. And no, you are not being
reincarnated to another animal, but to the accacly same human being!


That is when peopel die, they go to haven or hell, there they are waiting,
for the rebirth of the world. As when the world is going to be reborn, they will
come back to the living world. But, now you may ask:How can they come back
to life? Are they Zombies???

Hallowen, in celtic
Karneval, in germanic
The slavs did allso have something similar to Hallowen, I dont remeber the name...
The greeks allso had same thing

What is that? Well, you put on a mask, that makes you look like
a dead person, why? Because you are going to the dead world to pick up
the souls of the dead and become your ancestors. The candy in all these
traditions is suppos to be the tools that the person you are to become,
that is if you are a warrior, you get a sword, if you are a pottery
you get clay or some shit.

You get the tools of the person that you shall become, and the tools are
inhereted from the person you shall become that is dead.

The only thing here, is that hallowen is celebrated in the wrong time of the year,
Hallowen was probebly celebrated in spring(for about 4000 years ago) but the
the celts meet the basque people and they sad, yo! nigger celts lets have hallowen
when we basque people celebrate our shity celebration in autume, and thus
hallowen is celebrate in autume even if it should be celebrated in spring...


So lets summerise things:
-the indo-european religion belived that every year, the world whould be
destroyed and be created
-when a perosn die, he will be in the "spirit world"(hell/haven) untill the
next time the world is reborn
-when the world is reborn, a child takes a spirit from his dead ancestors
and become thus the ancestor

BECUSE THAT IS "extremly" HORRIBEL(for some reason... just tells that people where afraid
to be "forever alone", but it is not so bad(from personal experience!))

Yeah, your cildren are in fact, you dead grand parents! and instead of candy
it is there old tools! Children are no "humans" but "clay" where a soul
from the dead can come back. The indo-european belived that you have a soule,
and a body, and they are seperated. The body can die but they soul can come back
to your childs body. And thus your gran father can once more live, reincarnation.

Haven and Hell are just temporarly dwelling places for the souls, where they
are waiting to return to the living. And they allso shall here, be punished or
rewarded for what they did in life.

80 Name: All American are Nigger including white niggers Part IIII : [Del]

-Thus on hallowen "Ragnarök" is happening(in germany Ragnarök is happening in
spring. Or is it?
Well, ... lets just say that "I am BAD ASS", because I have bloond hair.
But this is the important thing, why the "clets"(basque wana be celts)
had colored there hair red, as they must become the celtic people, but they
did not look like celts, thus they where not reincarnated from there dead
ancestors. Thus the celtic wana bes colored there hair.

NOTE:There are sings, that in spring the indo-european people had
a ritual, that was a mass orgy, that is they would have sex in spring and
create all babys in winter time, that is like ritual...


---Cristianity and how it is a indo-european religion---
1st, I must say, christianity is a indo-european religion created by greeks.

The father, the son and the holy spirit.
The father is the creator, the son is the protector and the holy spirit is
suppos to be the destroyer of the world(in indo-european religion).
Jesus is protecting the world, but then he die. Just like indo-european
religion, jesus is a god, but allso a human.

Jesus was born by a father that is god, same with greek mytolgy.
Many womens claimed to have a god who impregnated theme, just like
jesus father is a "greek god".

The thing about 7 days the world was created, and noas ship is totaly
not jews but Sumerian.

Reall "christians" dont give a fuck about the old testement.

The greek took the jews religion, why? Well simple, one god,
is not jews creation. But at the time, it was only the jews
who worshiped one god, there was no other religion that worshiped one god,
as all other one god religion where dead. Thus they took the jews religion as
the base of there new religion.

Why wanted they one god? Well Rome was a big place, and rome had many religions,
making in not stable, and the greeks wanted a more stabel relgion that could
unite the Roman empire. Thus they looked at one god religion and found the jews
religion and built opune the religion there new religion. NOTE:The turkish
jews are not the same as the reall jews.

But the greek religion experiment went in disaster, because the new religion they
had created was to fucking powerfull, and made the roman civilisation go under.

The christian religion had allso had influenses from buddishm and india.

Jews, dont have a "afther life" therey[theory], that is they dont have hell and haven[?heaven].
Well, when ragnarök came to the indo-european of greek, the gods all died.
And then it was reborn, but who was reborn? It was not the old gods, like
allways, it was the new, and only one god. Jesus christ. Thus, the
circle of reborn, protection and death had stoped. As there where no longer
any god in the next ragnarök. No body could stop the giant snake/dragon again.
No reincarnation could ever exist again, no rebirth and no death again.
Now the times where a lineage time frame and not a circular time frame.
This made the souls being traped in hell or haven(paradise) for ever and allways!
Your soule will be traped, never to be reincarnated. Allwyas be forgoten, the worst
that could happen to you. Never figth to the death, in ragnarök.

As you can see, the indo-european curcle of life, was split in half, as
what happens if you split a round object? It becomes flat, and the person who
splited the circle was Jesus. Thus hell and heaven is indo-european concept,
that is 50% part of the afther life/reincarnation circle.

But one shall not be sad, the god people of Europe could never let there ancestor
die like this, and the pagan religion of ragnarök/hallowen/karnevall still lived
on, as reincarnation of the ancient european live on.
[That is, when you celibrate hallowen/karnival in germany/eastern or some shit,
you are making the people of heaven or hell come back, inserting there souls in
to you;Thus you are in fact, your grand parents/ancestors(of course not, you are a nigger and
a pile of shit, lel)]

NOTE:If you dont look like indo-european, there is no point in practising
indo-european religion as you are a nigger, and ... you dont reincarate if you
dont look the same. Thus better belive you reincarnate to a bird, like in buddism!

81 Name: All American are Nigger including white niggers Part V : [Del]


3 main holdays,

  1. In hallowen time, the protector helps the kid give theme souls, that is the witch.

Who brings the soul to the life lest soul body? the stork! The stork dose not
deliver a baby, but delivers to the baby a human shoul, that the baby will take.
This is in halloween, when all babys will take there souls.
2. Yule, the time of Ragnarök, everything dies
3. Oster, the time of reborn

Why do storks give babys there human soule? Well, because they are on a yourney
9 month, and on that 9 month old yourney what do they do? The go to Vallhala
and Hell to get the souls back to the children. It takes four a bird 9 month
to fly to Vallhala and back, with out the rainbow bridge!!!
Just so you know, it is very know in fact that Vallhala is in Asia, that is,
around the black sea.
The green is midgård and the blue is Vallhalla!!! LETS GO TO INDIA, THERE IS ODIN WAITING!!!
AND MY BLOOND BLUE EYED ANCESTORS SOULS(and not your basque shit ancetosrs)

In germanic/indo-european mytology there are allways 3 main gods, and all other
gods one can just "throw" away.

How to worship germanic pegan gods? Well simple my firend! Just take a bowl(best if it is made of stone!)
put in it some butter, and then masterbate so cum lands in the middel of the bowl filled with butter,
now you need to say to the specific god, what you want from him/her(you have 3 main gods to choose form).
If you do not want to cum in the bowl, you can use human fles, from your enemy(even blood!).
NOTE:Cum, is usally if you want furtility, like good harvest. Blood if you want to be strong in battle.
This is nothing I made up, there are people still doing this, and was practisied in secret
between 1200-1800.


82 Name: Correcting a statement : [Del]

Valkyrs are not you mum, but in fact just witches. It is the witches that are guiding the souls to the next life in ritual. But your mum could have been a witch, so in that way it could have been correct. your mum

I am trying to be as correct as I can be

83 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

From time to time I am reminded that Steve Winwood is white and somehow that's always surprising.

84 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

witches allways appears in 3! Why? Well, I will tell you, in 1 month !

85 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

indo-european religion will never come ever again back, it is a way of life, and not a religion

christianity, budishm, islam are religion you can take and leave,
just like your cloth

but indo-european religion are your skin, once you have taken on some cloth it is hard to take it away

86 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Why did the last tsar, fail?
It is simple as snow is yellow! 1st, what is russia?
Well russia is not Europe and not Asia. It is Euroasia.
Russia is a hard land, hard people who are barbaric, the land it selfe is hard, could
with little emotion to the person who thinks he is welcomed to its big fields of nothingnes.
Russia people are not slavs, if one thinks about russa, forget that there ever existed something
like slavic people in russia. Russia are a mix between people, in today we say niggers or a pile
of shit. The people of russia are weak but strong in surviving. They dont know rule, or how to behave.
There is no need to tell teme how to behave or how thing work, as they will not lisen to you.
They will do there own litel "nigger" thing in the forest, and shit on your opinion.
To rule a hard land and unifive the land, one need a strong people. Not only is pysical strength
but allso in knowlegde(brain)(smart person)(inteligence). And that is what the people of the west had,
the vikings(germans later). And it was the russians that invited the vikings, not the vikings
came to theme. As they knew that vikings could unite the people.
To rule russia you need to have a cold hart, that is you need to be brutal to the people
of russia, not kill the people of russia for fun, but kill the russian people when building
russia. That is the only way for russia to be a great power, and as sad:From the russian blood
there will a new russia utopia that could be created, as russia has everything that
needs to create a utopia for theme selfe, execpt the people. The people of russia
are not "good" people. To rule russia you need to kill russians when bilding russia, but
[And remember, that russia was german ruled. If you understand this, you will know
much more what happened in the backgound, with A.H. mind.(Ok, every body is stupid, Hitler
saw that the Jews/Zion where attacking the germanic people at all corners of the world, 1st
in America and then in Russia(the ruling class) and then they where attacking germany. WHY IS
not for fun kill russians. If you do no kill russians when you bild russia, russia will kill you.
The last tsar was a beta fagot, who was small, tiny, weak, and pathetic when one will describe him
at best. It is now wonder, and not need to discus why russia fell to the revolution, simply put
the tsar did not have the stuff of his fatherssssssss. Why? Because his mother was from a shit
blood line. And made him shit. He never understod how to rule russia. That is you need to kill russians
when building russia, but not kill russians for fun, because then russia will not have glory, and
if you dont not kill russians, the russians will kill you. Russia is a hard land, where only hard
people can survive. But russia will if ruled correctly be one of the most glory kingdomes on the world.
To rule of russia one need to know all the many people, and many other things that I dont even can
think up about at this moment as I am not a tsar or will any soon be one, nor do I want to be a tsar
and have no conection to east Europe in general...

[Even if the last tsar was a beta fagot, is still like him(BECAUSE HE WAS GERMANIC, AND ALL GERMANIC

NOTE:If you have brown hair and brown eyes or balck hair you are basque, if you have
red or bloond hair and green, blue eyes you are indo-european. If you have a mix
between indo-european and basque(e.g.:blue eyes and brown hair) you are a mix pile of shit nigger
and should be view as a basque. For the fact that 99% of all reader on this information are
niggers, plz I beg you to kill your selfe and other niggers so that the pure indo-europeans can
survive, for the greater god of human kind.

87 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

The last czar was Stalin and he did not fail. Full stop. No irony.

88 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Q:What do you get if you insert a "cock" in to a "pussy"?
A:A Griffin!

Q:What do you get if you insert a "fag" in to the color gray?
A:A fucking faggot troll who thinks "it" knows things better on the internet, "it" name is >>87

NOTE:All people with brown eye and black hair are basque in Europe. But they are all not all "basque" as that whould be wrong to say, that is like saying on celts that they are germans. But celts are not germans and the "basque" are not really basques. But we dont know the name of thoses "basque" so just saying basque on theme is enouth. 0037 is nigger basque like everyone in America.

89 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Everyone in my sorunding is a basque who thinks he/she is indo-european(and that he/she can worship indo-european gods like norse-mytology), why must this world be so crule? this is the end of the end(the end of the indo-european where in WW2 as the last pure indo-european people died), only the dead body of the indo-european is rotting away. And I am part of it. uuughhh, kill me. All basque nigger need to say they are sorry as it was the indo-european that made this world(I am looking at the moderators of this board).

When did civilisation start? for about 6000 years ago.
When did indo-european evolve? for about 6000 years ago.
Do this mean something? probebly not(more to do with ice age).

90 Name: Probebly this will be the last white cotry Part I : [Del]

What will be the last white contry?
Well the west world is doomed.

South America? No, most people of south america
with European orgin are mixed with nativ population
thus they are niggers.

1st, lets define what "white" people are.
white people are people with mayority indo-european blood,
that is, if you have white skin, like a japanes or mongol
you are not whtie(you are asian in this case). Thus:
white skin =/= white person

And all indo-european where blond, tall and had green/blue(/gray) eyes and red/blonde hair.
(Maybe not all indo-european where tall)

But if you are not a "true" indo-european, but have like one indo-european
futher, like green eyes you are considered a "half-nigger".

If you have not indo-european at all, like brown hair and eyes you are
a nigger and a pile of shit. You are more basque or sami(or something shit
from the 3rd world).

Allso, to include yourselfe as indo-european you must have a indo-european
bone structure, what I mean is very hard to explain. But simply put,
you must be smarter then other people(you must be autistisc)
because brain size is larger then body size of normal human.


"One study showed that about 100 years ago, half of U.S.
residents had blue eyes. Nowadays only 1 in 6 does."

Where I got this is not important, and we dont need to dicsust if
it is true. The truth is simple that white people are dieing in America(and
the rest of the world, but we will talk about that later).

What is the rate of white people dieing? Well, the Half-life for
white people is about:

1/6=0.16 * 100 = 16.6% of US population


We devided 2, 3 times.

100 years / 2.5 = 40

That means the half life for white people in US is 40 years!
Thus we can calculate that in the year 2020-2030 there will be
about 8% of blue eyed people. But just having blue eyes is nothing!
[NOTE:When I say blue eyes, I mean of course allso gray and green eyes]
You need allso to have bloond hair to be whtie, and that is allways
50% of the blue eyed people, that is about 4% of people will have
blonde hair between 2020-2030 in USA.

One dose not need a brain, to understand why this is happening. Just
study "alternetive" history and you will know that
afther the America Civil war(witch was more or less continuation
of the America war of Independence) the north states and liberal
fags of America sad in 1901:All people of south Europe and east
Europe are now white. But they where not white!, thye where a mix
of basque shit and sami shit. Thus America before WW1 had multicultureal
experience with shit nigger people of south Europe who they had
declared theme selfe to be white. And WW2 and Hitler did not help,
to preserve the indo-european blood line. It was trendy to be a nigger
basque in America 50s to marry a indo-european white wommen because
you know, race mixing between basque and indo-european means you are not Nazi.
Just as today the same message you are telling if you are "white"(basque)
marrying nigger from Africa.

We, can see allso that the general public in America is reacting to this, more and more
women are coloring there hair in America. They dont understand why they or there cildren
are not getting any bloond hair or blue eyes, that is of course because they are marrying
nigger basque people who they think are white. But the nigger basque are not having any
indo-european DNA, because they are niggers... NOTE:The super hero Superman is basque
and is offten seen with indo-european women. But Superman is not white and thus the child
(if they ever get a child...) will never have any indo-european DNA) WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY

Thus we know, America who is so desperat, is saying today, that Mexicans are white.
Will in the year 2050 be a none white contry to 100%(only like 4% white) and the same
with south America.

91 Name: Probebly this will be the last white cotry Part II : [Del]


But what about Australia? Well, Australia is a small contry, many people in Australia
are allready nigger(basque) and it will not change any time soon. Many go to east Asia
and stuff. Australia will just die like America.


Dose that mean Europe is the last hope for the white people?

Well, we do not need to talk about west Europe. It is allrady lost.
But to make it even more deppresing on how lost it is, let say this:

Lets take germany for a example:
100% population - 20% old people =
80% that is between 65-1 year old. This would be OK, but it is not!
If you are over the age 40, you will not be able to have children, so lets take away that.

(directly from wiki)
15-64 years 66%
Thus we can say about 33

80% -


I have calculated that for every young person in germany there is about
1,5 none european. Thus the people who are making babys are bigger
"slice of the cake" by none Europeans, but in old people. Germans
have a very big "slice of the cake". Do you understand me?

There are more old germans then old none-germans.
And there are more young none-germans who are making none-german babys then there are
germans making german babys.

NOTE:This really dose not matter, as the contry germany died in WW2, but
one could apply this and when the hole white race died in WW2 allso.


But wait one minut! Am I not missing someone?

Well the gold old slavic contrys of course! They will of course not stand for
humiliation of there own people, like there other indo-european white brothers, right?
Well it turns out, slavic contrys are just as degenerated as the western contrys but in there
own way.

Transexual and gay people, I am not going to lie. Are discusting, but they are only a small
portion of the population 4%. Thus it really dose not matter about degenerat people, they are
not the reason to the west decline of white peopel. The reason for the west decline is simple
jews at the power level. So when slavic people are fighting "degeneracy" they are littraly
doing nothing. But it is distracting theme from the reall danger, and that danger is
communism. They are mixing with muslim mongols and smai, turkish shit people from the steps.
And many are sold as sex slaves to japan and israel and they are acting littrealy like nigger.
In russia for example, the ethnic russian slavic people are deying while the mongol people
are expanding. They allso look at china to mix with.

Thus the east Europe is just as degenerat as west, but they are "in a different" way.
Putin is maybe trying all he can, but he is not of german blood. And can not rule a pack
of white niggers.


Well the white people will die, but the 3rd world is allrady there.
The middeleast was once inhabitated by big indo-european tribes and now it is a pile of shit.
Same with india. And we dont need to talk about Africa. This the 3rd world is allrady
a mix of shit and should not be view as seperated groups of people, but more like a pile of shit(that is
what the 3rd world is afther all).

The only clean place in the 3rd world is east asia, that is japan witch will soon be allso multiculutre and
korea. China will allso, china is communist and in communist it say in it that you need to race
mix to a pile of shit. Karl Marx core idea was to race mix to shit. In the less developed
area of china, they are being racist and are dominantly Han chines Nazis. But in Honk Kong and
developed are in China, they are open up there arms for multiculture, like Russians and Africans.

Remember what made the china so great, and paceful! Multiculture. We all know what happened to the
last tocharians! The chines came to a tocharian city state, took the bloond, blye eyes
tall sexy king of the city state and puted a fishing needel in his leg. Then they made him upside
down hang for 3 days in the burning sun until he was dead for all the tocharian
to know who where there new masters the small tiny Han chines. And then to the
tocharian came multiculture from the Han chines by being cucks. And then the great
tocharian civilisation became just a pile of shit. But later, Turkish people came and mixed
and stuff... NOTE:The biggest weaknes for indo-european are that they are
few in numbers as they are big, the biger a animal is the less in numbers the animal will be.
And Humans are tribe/group animals thus the Han chines are many more and can do "zerg rush"


Thus will white-town exist, just like chines-towns?
Probebly not, because it must be more like,
"gmerna-town" and stuff, and look at the jews,
the have "preserved" there ethnicty and how do they look?
Not like semetic people, that is one thing for sure(most of the jews,
maybe the jews in yemen look semetic).

In the end, if white people whould make "white towns" they probebly could only survive
about 150-200 years. Then everybody in the white town will look like a nigger, so NO
it is not a sollution.


92 Name: Probebly this will be the last white cotry Part III : [Del]

Thus is it hopeless? The white race will die? NO!

The last white contry will be Latvia!
Why Latvia you may ask? Well, Latvia was the last indo-european pegan contry who
looked like indo-europeans(indians do not look like indo-europeans) and
will thus be the last indo-european/white contry.

Latvians are not like slavic people, they are very different from Lituanians.
Lituanians have mixed with polish blood, thus they are white niggers. But latvian people
have not mixed with slavic people in the same way, and thus are not white niggers.

As a german, I have very great respect and latvian people are very high status in
terms of people(most of latvians are just simple farmers). But Latvian people, are a bitt
special as they did not mix with sami people in the same way as slavic people did and they
are a little bit different and are very good people. I am very sorry that there was a
crusade against latvia, but it was better that Germans did the crusade then Russian whould have
done the crussade. As in the end, the crussade of latvia whould have been made without germans
or germans. But better if it is Germans the Russian attacking the latvians, why? I will not even
say anything. But yeah, Latvia will be the last white contry on earth ruled by white people.

I predict that the citys(manly Riga) will have liberal ideas and in that way will have
African and Chines multiculure while the farming areas will be more sami and mongol multiculture.
This will happen about the year 2030-2050. And 3 years later, Estonia will be allso dead.
NOTE:Estonia are not white in my book, and are sami people who look extrem indo-european.
Thus probebly Estonia will be the last white contry, but estonia is no considered
indo-european but sami.

The baltic contrys are at the rigth posision to be least effected from west and east Europe
ideas. Maybe you say iceland, but just look today on the contry, and you will see a pile of shit.
Latvia is not so poor they are seling there people to Chines like Russia, but they are not
so rich that nigger want to live in Latvia. When the Russian buffer zone of the latvian
population is gone, it will be filled with liberal nigger ideas from west Europe and the citys
will be filled with pile of shit people while to contry side will have the orginal latvian people,
who will die the same way the Russian people are dieing, mixing with sami and mongol people.

Thus, Latvia will be the last white contry, the last white man will die in Latvia!!!


But is the world so hard? Will no white people survive in 2100? Well, NO. There will exist people
wit indo-european featurs. Like Once every 100years a blye eyed boy will be born, but of course
he will only have "one specific" feature of a indo-european. And will be a MIX RACE and thus a PILE

But, white people memory will allways live in this world, as for example, people in the feature
will allways wath pewdiepie even if white people are dead. And they can allways play
in artifical worlds white indo-european people.

NOTE:The only way I see for the white race, to surviev and all other race allso to survive
is for WW3 and we begin from the beggining again.

NOTE:I think indo-european are smarter the other people, I have my own reason for why. But that is something
else, and I do not want to hurt people "fellings".

93 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

the british family is discusting. They where once of german blood and
did remember it. But then rotchild came and made them jews. They forgot
all that matters to a german king. That is glory to his people, and not your
ethnicity. But who am I to blame, that is how jews are. Now they are no
longer anything more then shit. If they have any pride in there blood left,
they sould comit suicide and make a new german blood line of royal
germanic blood to go new again to the british throne, from germany today, witch
dose not longer exist because they did not prevent it.


That is what the british family is! Selfe hating german-jews(rothchilds), the only
good thing is that they can do is to give back there honor, by killing theme selfe
and make a new german royal family go untop of the british throne, that is worty to rule
[a shit contry like] britan(british people who are no longer anglo-sazon but basque shit).

THEME SELFE like in most triball comunitys... LIKE HITLER! WHO GAVE 2 FUCKS ABOUT THE
GERMANIC PEOPLE how much gave the british people about the british people? 0 FUCKS


---something else---
I dont understand atheist. Beliving is god is very good for one selfe.
Beliving in god makes Placebo effect, witch in turn makes life better.

The way one pray is not very important, as for example. In pegan days,
people just prayed in a way that made theme "fell good", that is that they
prayed and had a connection to "god(s)". That is, you can pray just as you like,
in the end of the day, if you fell like you have had a "spriutual" "connection"
to "god(s)" you are pretty done. As in christianity, it is not so much about a
"special ritual", but more beliving, in the stuff. And beliving is very important!

It was beliving that made people go far in huamns stuff and shit...
But, yeah. Religion can do placebo effect!

Just, as one shall kill and burry the homosexual and pedohpils of the worlds so
that god can not see ugly people. I think moot was gay because he had made
a LGBT board[IT IS SIENCE, I MADE MY CLAIMS ON A FACT!]. Thus I think we should
burey moot alive under ground because he is a fag
and god shall not see fags, because they are discusting and dose not contribute to
society(in genetic terms). For that matter of fact, probebly 0037, ticks and all
other tripfags are homosexual and we should do what we did with theme in the really old days,
kill theme by buring theme in the earth so that no god has to see there doscistomg bodys.

---something else---
The concept with Zombies is very simple and can be found in pretty much every culture.
Just like dragons(snakes) and on fool moon every body gets crazy, it is a conecept
that exist in most culutre with out having any contact(just like ghosts). In indo-european
culture Zombies are called again-walkers and have a very intresting connection
to indo-european religion(thinking).

Indo-european religion shall no be viwed as a religion but more a way of life, a way of thinking.
How the world works, and why one shall kill homosexual people.

Indo-european belives that every human(I mean aryans, not shit skin like you) have a "ghost"
soule. And allso, indo-european belive in rearcarnitiation, that is you reborn.

So lets, say you die. You soul will go out of you body, and to be reborn it needs to go
into a body. Well if it gose back into your old body, you will become a agan-walker(zombie),
but indo-european belive that you are bad, the only time one gose back and becomes a agan-walker
if one has no other place to go. If you are a gay person for example, the indo-european people
will belive that you are no longer part of the family and thus you shall not be reborn and
reunite with the family, thus they will put a havy rock on your dead body. That is to
prevent your spirit to leave yor body. But if the spirit leaves the body, some how succesful
get pass the big rock and leaves the body, it will not find any body to reincarniate,
thus it will go back to a "used"/old body, that is it will be reborn in to a dead person. Thus
we get a again-walker, and to kill a again walker you simply just cremate the body, thus the
spirit has no where to go again in to the body, as there dose not exist a body.

But if you are not a homosexual, or a person who the "family"/tribe/community thinks is bad,
your soul will on the evening of easter be reborn in to a new child. That is your soul
will go to a child body. And you will become the child(the only thing that really happens, is
just that the child will inheret your "tools" and thus have the same roll in life as you had).
[The tools are just candy in todays society.]

Comment:In comparesion the African Zombie[some african tribes] is used to make houses and stuff...

94 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

you never told us about witches, dude.

95 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

you never told us about unblocking, dude.

96 Name: Germanic art : [Del]

97 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

The best Kampuchea is Red Kampuchea

98 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Fuck off, this is my blog! Go to where ever you came, fucking fagot! You are not welcomed in this place.

20% of USA is german, maybe 30-40% is germanic. I hate fucking people who think they are celtic. Celtic people die for about 2500 years ago, they dont exist. The only people who is still left of the indoe-european people are the germanic and baltic-slavic of the indo-european people in Europe left. The last one, is shit. Modern day world was created by germanic people but THEY got a pile of shit as a tank you from the rest of Europe.
If you search on google what is a rune stone you get this:
"rune stone

a large stone carved with runes by ancient Scandinavians or Anglo-Saxons.
a small stone, piece of bone, etc., marked with a rune and used in divination."

It makes me mad that they have the word "Anglo-Saxons", ENGLAND IS A PILE OF SHIT. They think they are germanic, but they kill german? They did not see in WW1 and WW2 that german where there brothers. They saw theme as huns. And they expect to be seen as germans? Scandinavian has allways seen german as germanic people and allway had a connection to germany. Once a pound a time, the true deffensiion to be swedish or Dane was that you Dad was from the orginal contry and your mother could either be german or from the orginal contry. Scandinavians have allwas seen germans as brother people. Today if you read wikipedia, you will see something different. There are basque france people who say that in "scandinavia they think people from germany are 'litle brother'", totaly bullshit. The germans and scandinavians have allways in history have seen theme selfe as brothers and not litle brother. No body cares about germanic culutre today. English people think they are gemrans and can take Thor as there god, when in fact they dont even have any german futhers. People think basque shit is white peopel, what the fuck is wrong witch people?

Sami people are in todays world considered white. Japanes are white, just as my brown shit is considered white. Skyrim and discusting comic books from America degenerated Zio555555555nsit shit hole are considered as "germanic culture" or so methig. Skyrim can not even do correcly germanic art. It is just a joke! English people are not germans, not anglo-sazon, they are a pile of shit. They are niggers and nothing more, because if they where truley germans they whould have fellt that germans where there brothers. American is a poile of shit, basque people who think they are white. Germans made this world and only got in the end a big "FUCK YOU".

Most of the rune stone where about art, then text, overall. Some here and there where just for expeditions.

50s america is the end of the germanic influens in USA, as one can see clearly the art, of the time is discusting degernarated art(like pover puff girls, and my ten age robot or some shit) form. The concept with "house wife" is germanic... that is 50s where a mix between selfe-hating-germanic-people/zions555is-shit and 60s where a pile of shit. When americans look back, I hope they see that it was germanic people who made there contry greate, and that they are no longer there ancestors, but a pile of shit basque pile of shit peopel. Like the romans sad about the basque shit:
"They are small and suck dick hard. No wonder we took England so easy and France"

-King Auther sucked dick and he was basque.

99 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

NOTE:I was wrong, some germanic dragons even have 3 tails.

The swatsika has 4 hollows, when ever you see in ancient stone hollows,
you can be 70% sure that thoses hollow are used to offer stuff to the god(s).
Swatsika has 4 hollow around(inside) it. Made to symboly the 4 seasons.
What do you get if you spin around a swatsika? A sun wheel. It is very
know fact that swatsika are suppos to spin around. Look at 2hu game...
and other buddist customs. Why spin around? Because the world, dose
not end, it gose in a recycling way. You die, but your body will
become something else and this continues forever...
That is the sunwheel, it spins around, and if you stop
spining it you get a swatsika. The 4 strokes resembeling the 4 seasons.

We can find similar symbols like sun cross and swatsika in prety much
every other stone age culture, as it is just a calender. Swatiska
is for good luck and sun, sun cross is for sun. sun if for good luck...
I sure wonder why...

I may allso say, the 1st people to create the wheel was indo-european,
probebly. You need something to drag the wheel, and that will be the horse.
The concept about the wheel is not hard to imagion. All you need is
just to cut a tree, and you have a wheel form. But to use the form,
you need a "animal", maybe humans can allso use wheels...
But the again the cow was older then the horse, so maybe the horse
was 1st used for the wheel. Maybe the dog was used for the wheel.
We know so little about indus and mesopotamia mainly because the people
who live on top of the old civilisations are brain dead...

We can say this:Swatsika reseble sun wheel, sun wheel resemble the sun
with a cross resembling the 4 seasons and in the 4 holes it makes, they
are used for offerings - probebly for the specific season. The sun
was something the gods had contorl over

Japanes people are more worth then any basque person, in fact! basque, germans and lativan
people are at the same level of worthynes, because all 3 people has something... that is called

---something else---
This is how the "JEWS"(sick fucks with power) destroyed the germanic people:

In 1920, mass imigrant to germanic lands of basque shit(italy, south france, wales, spain, greek, balkan)
to USA and north Europe. Mixing, making all people have blue eyes/brown eyes and black hair. Then they lost the culture. Now, the 2nd stage is on, that is niggers and basque-nigger-indo-european-shit. Why, are they doing this? I dont know... there is no value in having a population made of shit

Hitler was such a great person, he killed all(most) the true germanic people. FUCKING GENIUS

100 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

As defending jews of Nazi germany, I think the Zionist of USA are very bad. The
jews of Nazi germany wanted to have a good realition ship with Nazi, but
the Zion went to war against germans, by killing a diplomat. And as universal rule,
if you kill a diplomat of another contry - you declare war against that contry(etnicity in this case).
Thus the Zion of America declared war on Germans, but because of that the jews where draged
in to the conflic even if they did not want to be part of it. And the jews
of Nazi sad:"we are not Zion", and the Zion sad:"we are jews". If I was a jew
in Nazi germany, and even in fact as a german. I am angry at the Zion for doing
there dirty shity tricks on there own people - witch to some degree they teme
selfe did not see as there on people(the jews on the Zions).
In the end, the jews of Nazi germany had to choose between to enemys.
The Nazi who where "nice" to theme before the Zion had attacked, but afther the Zion
had attacked made much shit to theme. Or the other alternetive, the Zion who where never
nice to theme and made the attack on the jews(the Nazi attacking) - but did not want to "kill theme"(witch is a lie), as can be seen today in Israel degenrated Zion shit hole.

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