[LIFE] Blogging/Whining thread [REPOST] LIMBO STYLE (102)

1 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

This post is for blogging whining

53 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


54 Post deleted by user.

55 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

anal weevils

56 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

some sort of horseseratops

57 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

dick is out, no one is sucking it

bitch, I know what a bus is. it's where i get my dick sucked.

58 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

refresh plz

59 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Suicide note? Bitch, I expect a multimedia suicide presentation.

60 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

a urinal overflowing with used condoms.

61 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

ejaculating hard or hardly ejaculating?

seriously though, either one is a symptom of testicular cancer. get tested today!

62 Post deleted by user.

63 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


64 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

unplugging grandma's life support to charge your phone

65 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Got a black light. Lots of stains on the carpets and the walls say HELP ME a lot. That's normal for an older house, right? I think this place is like 10 years old.

66 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Helicopter parents. Giving birth to a helicopter is very painful.

67 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

gay the american way

68 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


69 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

genital warts in your throat

70 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

We have a strict anti-discrimination policy in Limbo. All human beings are the master race and all human beings have to be exterminated.

71 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I don't know, my mom disowned me over all the dickgirl porno.

72 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

>Very valuable information for fist time travelers


73 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

FIST time travelers at that. Going to FIST Genghis Khan and Hitler!

74 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Llama on man is the purest form of rape.

75 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

a big pile of fuck

76 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

youre gay

77 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

moderate goat damage. $800 obo

78 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Wanted: small men with short arms. Must be willing to put your hot stubby arms deep inside another man's anus. Get paid today!

79 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Where do I sign up?

80 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I don't know if I understand the term "child abuse" as "abuse" seems to imply there is a proper way to use children. To what purpose, I don't know. No, what I did to that kid should be defined as "simple battery" and that little shit had it coming.

81 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


82 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I've seen enough after school specials to know that enjoying any single thing, even once, will result in heroin addiction and suicide.

83 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

You thought I'd regret getting a Space Jam face tattoo!

84 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I wish I had two faces, so I could have twice as many face tattoos.

85 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

a four bedroom, three bath, filthy gutter, you cunt.

86 Name: (<--HUGE FAGGOT )lWV9WxNHV. : [Del]


87 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


88 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


89 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Is your child trans? Here's a simple checklist:

  1. Are you white?

If not, STOP RIGHT HERE. The answer is no.

2. Are you upper middle class or better?

If not, STOP RIGHT HERE. The answer is no.

3. Do you live within 200 miles of San Francisco or New York?

If not, STOP RIGHT HERE. The answer is no.

If you have made it this far, it won't matter what any checklist says, because you'll be able to shop around and find the proper combination of specialists to have your child declared trans before they inevitably grow out of it.

90 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

I was going to call my boot camp for NEETs "DISINTEGRATING CHILDHOOD"

Turns out, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is a serious medical condition and the parents of those suffering from it have a lot of free time to complain to my insurance company.

91 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

did this new thing last twenty minutes?

92 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


93 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

>On June 8, 1961, Portland police received a phone call from a local housewife whose dog had brought home a human foot in a paper bag. While detectives were at the woman's house investigating, the dog returned again, this time with a hand.

94 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Just another day in Portland

95 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

just another day in nigger kike mafia merica, that is what you get for not supporting the good guys in WW2 !
fuck u

Allso /limbo/ is not Merican board, mind your talk! faggot

96 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Lubed from head to ankles, forced into the rectum of an elephant.

97 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


98 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

like two hours

99 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Like two days

100 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

just dreary

101 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

It's only slightly out of scale. Just pretend your doll orders ostrich eggs by the dozen.

102 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Petitioning the court for release? I don't think that's a good idea. Who gives you the hand job? The judge?

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