what is the racically purity of shii? (6)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-26 05:44 ID:K4PvIP3c [Del]

How much brown eyed dark haired waito piggu ba8sque nigger blood(pre indo-european european blood, e.g.:etruscan, bas8que,briton,etc.)/gook(finnish-ugrish,nippon,tartar and more)/native american/black monkey chimp African negro nigger blood or master ├╝bermensch aryan indo-european light eyes and light hair, blood dose he have and in what percentage?

I dont know where one can find his DNA, which whould be invalubeal for the study of shii racically orgins. One can find image of him at his blog, located at:http://avery.morr555555555555ow.name/blog/ (NOTE:I have sensored the URL because webspider, as to minimize /board/ exposer to none formiliar with this website, as ubsocirty is one way of protecting one selfe, as in this case protecting one selfe from bad looking eyes, who have in no way intent in good but only in harm. Delete all the number represented in decimal as 5 in the manner as the indian number 5 from the URL to prosses in a succesful maner to the correct website truth that cylindical tubes we call on the internet tubes, a gateway to the anus of tha interwebs which has many enemyes, like spider and trolls, be aware. The best weapon to prtect yourselfe against these evil demonic foes is by hidding like a rat is hidding from the big foot of a animal like a lion that is going to trample on it. But you can allso have weapons which you can donload in the form a programs from the NSA website at:http://crypto-city.org/)

Because he is a cuck for japanes, shii(better nown as Avery Morrow and the mysterius shii[t] book of plasebou sience The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan and insane crackpoit and tinfoil hat thereyssssss(many s because it is to many many many many (4x) stuff.)) Japhphile or weaboo(the term the coolkewl (more like schwul(gay in german)in muh opinion) kids uses. We know that gook when to Merica in 2nd migration period to USA and Canda(allso cut off head mexico, beaner meztiso) I NEED TO SAT THE WORD:SAND-NIGGER JUST CAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. Thus he must be 10% gook and has a intrest in his cuck weaboo culture. He seems to have light eyes, from the shiit caulity images on his blog, thus he must be ~+50% indo-european, thus rest must be basq5ue nigger blood.

Thus my conclusion are as follows of shii/Avery Morrow racically purity:
56% indo-european
15% basq5ue nigger
9% nigger
5% McDonald grease
5% native america(every american nigger must have some, to claim owner fo tha land and SHIIIIIIIIIIIT)
10% japanes gook

what is your opinion on my opinion and what is your opinion and what is your opinion on your opinion(you must be critical to your critic other wise you are not a real criticer)?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-26 17:46 ID:iWZbbkY3 [Del]

99.997% Andamanese
0.003% DNA of last sexual partner

3 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-27 07:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

He is one inbreed mother fucker.

4 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Hey Alexa, shit in my mouth. And cry while you're doing it.

5 Post deleted by user.

6 Name: Anonymous : [Del]

Alexa cry harder

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