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1 Name: 37 (<--HUGE FAGGOT )s9GFPXzA6A : [Del]

Look so I might hav fucked things up a little at home and I might be out of the country for awhile. I'm many head plates not in fected as much. But ii may have pushed my business partner of Clif when we went base jumpy . That's what the lawyer said and that video that showed me.

This place has good weather but every time I try to use my phone in public to admin the site s man with a gun on a motorcycle takes it from me. She I was kidnapped for awhile too. But other than that, and the bugs, and the language, and the food, at least they won't extradite me. Will try to be more attentive to site now that I can steal WiFi.

Yours and sincerely,


2 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


3 Post deleted by user.

4 Name: 37 (<--HUGE FAGGOT )s9GFPXzA6A : [Del]

Hey guys because I started the value of this site at$8,000,000 in order to secure some d financing my business partner didn't know about (base jumpy accident tragic), site may be sized by feeds. Don't believe anyone claims to be me ok? I am the ruler of this place never forget.

5 Name: Anonymous : [Del]


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