2chan remains a mystery. What the hell they're up to over there is a confusing mess much as we must seem to them.

If there is anything to say about them, it would be that they seem far more capable of staying on topic. Threads go places. Girls in swimsuits? There will be 100 replies all on-topic. I can only chalk this up to the homogenous nature of Japanese culture which is always seeking in every way to conform as hard as possible, usually well past the breaking point and into the depths of severe mental illness.

At the time, aside from Suzuran they were also obsessed with this pencil girl thing. She was a shared artwork, basically. Anyone could add to her weird little story. It was something about her and her pet seal. I never got a straight story on what the hell this was supposed to be, but here's a sample:

There were lots of these and this is by far the best quality of all of them.

There's more to come, I swear. This is mostly to hold the page.

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