Yeah, it means Fuck You And Die. It's a subforum on SA.

Supposedly it was once the place where people were sent to as punishment but quickly developed its own completely insane culture. The rules were far more relaxed there than they were anywhere else on SA. Beecock (a series of pictures not actually the cock of a bee, but a cock covered in bees) was quite popular there for instance and some choice bizarre hentai circulated as well. Basically the way it works (or worked) is that there were a couple of posters who posted non-stop. They basically used vbulletin as IRC/ICQ. Sure, it sounds simple but it was far more complex than that. In addition, every user would have a huge signature file, usually full of animated gifs, quotes from other users, and assorted junk that would trail on for half a screen or more. It was fun to watch sometimes but generally dumb as shit. Basically it was proto-/b/ (there, I said it; fuck everything). The only thing working against it was that outsiders were not allowed in where on /b/ any jackass can post with no street FORUMS cred whatsoever. I also imagine that a lot of the shit posted on /b/ every hour would still get you banned even if you were a FYAD superstar and regularly sucked Lowtax dry.

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