One Simple Rule

If there is one rule of the dark corner of the Internet that people like me hang out in it's that the Japanese hate Koreans and vice versa. There are all kinds of historical reasons for it1)2) but they're too boring for this project which is more or less my excuse to insult children. In perspective to the formative days of 4chan and the closing days of w2ch, it's important to note that the 2002 World Cup had been hosted by Japan/Korea. They continued to argue about it deep into 2003 and somewhere on 2ch, they're probably still bitching about it right now (having missed the endless fun and excitement of the vuvuzella!!).

This picture sums up the endless stupidity nicely. world_cup.jpg

Korea Eat?

Korea Eat Cat was a pretty common thing heard in the early days. This is probably a fucked up translation of real-life insult. By the way, Koreans don't eat cats. Well, South Koreans don't (anymore). North Koreans will take what they can get.

On 2ch, there is a lovely “Korean” mona:

      Λ_Λ    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
    <丶`∀´> <  Korea is No.1!
   (    ) │ Hey Japs! Respect our great Korea!!
    | | |  \__________

Yes, Koreans have slanty eyes and wear dumb slippers at all times. On the other hand, on 2ch they do seem to complain a lot (or trolls do this on their behalf, more likely), so I guess this is fairly accurate.

The ever-tenacious ArchDuke provides some excellent examples of 2ch Korea hate here:

Trolling East Asia Style

  1. Find a “news” story from the ever-reliable KCNA3). Every story from KCNA follows a formula: North Korea is awesome (a lie), here's a given product (the only fact in the whole story), turns out it was invented by a Korean (a lie), Dear Leader improved on it in this way (a lie), the DPRK makes more of it than anyone else on earth (a lie), and everyone is jealous of us because we're so great (a lie)
  2. Edit the story to remove the unbelievable parts about Dear Leader and the DPRK being awesome or even better, find a pro-DPRK site from Japan that simply does this part for you
  3. Post to *ch/bbs
  4. Sit back and watch the Japanese go apeshit

That failing, try the ever reliable argument that Korea ought to be spelled Corea as it was in its glorious (agrarian backwater) past before the Japanese changed it so that their country would appear before GLORIOUS COREA. (If you know a single thing about either of these languages you'll know that this argument is dumb as shit; they'll still argue about it, though)

Or just try making a slightly pro-Korean statement. Something really vague along the lines of Japanese colonial efforts were sometimes heavy-handed or perhaps now is the time to move on and seek reconciliation with our neighbors.

Even something so calm and well-meaning will bring on the hate…


These are a couple of uninhabitable rocks4) in the middle of the damn ocean that the Japanese and Koreans argue over continually, both online and in real life. You might not think anything of this unless you were to realize that any number5)6)7)8) of wars have been fought over uninhabitable rocks. South Korea backs up its claim with a showy occupation consisting of a few “permanent residents” (wholly dependent on support from the mainland) which are in turn backed by several coast guardsmen and police. We can all safely assume these poor fools must have done something terribly wrong to get such an awful assignment. The Japanese claim is merely a claim but every time it is mentioned, riots break out in Korea. Or perhaps the riots were already happening and the reason applied ex post facto. There's no way to tell. For a similar showy occupation that amounts to nothing, see also the Argentine Antarctic claim.

The solution? Sink them.

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