There’s something that I’ve been meaning to say for awhile and I hate to admit it: Moot flat out owned me. He owned the whole world2ch crew. Owned with a capital zero. That’s all. A sixteen year-old brat changed the whole Internet and sped along w2ch towards its well-deserved early death. For instance, I suggested he choose a tripcode and he chose “faggot.” Like I said, he fucking owned me. He’s a clever little bastard or at least he was…

Moot was incredibly civil and terribly mature about w2ch's dumbfuckery. He handled the very first drama with class and style (using “faggot”, aside).

In my fevered mind (and hopefully in at least one other; otherwise I’m a lone nut), I can’t be 100% sure that the moot of today is the same moot of yesterday. On the other hand, I can only assume Mr. Poole is who he says he is. If he isn’t the original moot, he is certainly going to a great deal of effort to prove that he is. The one picture that claimed to be him in the past matches nothing of today which means he resisted posting any real pictures of himself in all the years leading up to the great revelation. I did mention that he was clever so maybe he did in fact use an assumed identity and perhaps he did manage to resist posting pictures of himself. I did say he was clever.

I did send e-mails to him in those early days and just discussed a few things. Among them (I think) were warnings that I in no way represented the group and that there is no way to represent it. That's the nature of the system. No matter what I said, I'm sure he figured it out in a hurry. I'd love to have copies of them but I lost them to a shitty throwaway free e-mail address.

For reasons I'll never understand, the top searches landing on this page ask Google “is moot gay?” and for “moot gay porn”


Various post-4chan updates

  • 21-Sep-2015? - Sold 4chan to Hiroyuki.
  • 07-Mar-2016 - In your Google, reading your Gmail.1)
  • 01-Oct-2103 - 4chan turns 100 years old. He's probably been dead for at least ten years now.
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