“Only newfags call people newfags”

– Some Newfag

These days all the rules about who is and isn't old are made by kids that got started in '14 or this summer or whatever. Most of those involved in the very earliest days of '03-'04 have moved on. They're all married, have jobs, a real life and all that other shit that means you can't drink on weekdays. Only a few sad fucks like myself remain with nothing better to do with their time. Trust me, you don't want to be an oldfag.

That aside, I can't resist poking fun at the term. Let's go ahead and take a look at common newfag traits: triforcing, bypassing wordfilters, blankposting, greentexting, arguing about God, calling others newfags, and calling themselves oldfags.1)

I also hate people that go on and on about how /b/ was in its glory days (and those fools are usually referring to last year) and they're going to leave forever, etc. Who the fuck cares about what you as one person thinks of an antiquated and mostly pornography website? In the end /b/ has always been a hangout for socially inept special-needs teenagers. Their culture, like all culture, changes with time. It's not going to be the same ever again. Either accept it, get out, or maybe you could write an insane wiki about how it used to be…

Personally, I'll probably stick around. I have seen some stupid shit over the course of nearly eight nine ten thirteen years on /b/, some of it absolutely infuriating. With time however, all the things that annoy you just sort of fade away into the background noise. It's like the magical ability to ignore all the dicks: it just comes with experience. If you want to whine about the good old daSHUT THE FUCK UP!

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