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Poor Shii

Not to be confused with Shii (character). An early player and player hater in the history of 4chan. Also known as Menchi, he stirred up the very first drama ever experienced on 4chan by inciting a near riot on world2ch. Well, world2ch being what it was, it was kind of hard to stir up a “riot” per se, but he did rile up a few people, two of which were himself. The evidence of this is the FIRST news post1) on 4chan's announcement page telling us to calm the fuck down, all 2.0001 of us.

Shii was a fan of the whole 2ch culture2) and wrote extensively about it on the forums and on his own little weird online world. After it was obvious was going to win the great first CHANWAR, he'd go on to greatly improve the text board scripts that are still were used on /dis/. At some point he fell out of favor with moot and went off on his merry way. He is an admin at 4-ch and maintains ONCE HAD a private wiki chalk full of own personal opinions (is there a trend here?). On 30 April 2005, he was permabanned from SA because he tried to argue with some asshole from FYAD about a statement he made (about Nevada-tan of all things) taken entirely out of context3). Around that date there was a huge admin meltdown at SA and they all went on a witch hunt in search of people they deemed to be pedos (defined as anime fans). As usual with every act of every SA admin, it was not motivated by any actual violation of the rules but by politics and personal grudges (in particular 4chan at this time eclipsing SA in terms of relevance).

Oh, poor Shii. As you may have noticed, I have a certain unhealthy obsession with him. As all of my exes and certain former co-workers would tell him, he is in an extremely unfortunate position. I'd go so far as to post the pictures I keep of him in my special folder, but I do respect his privacy just enough to save him the embarrassment. You are missing out, though. He at least was quite cute.

Likes: Ron Paul (lol)

Dislikes: Who cares

Shii's personal wiki, a fine source of actual information on topics I fail to cover here since I much prefer yelling at children in my old age. Won't work with IE because he's an elitist like that. DELETED IT. THAT FOOL! ONLY MY CRAZY WIKI REMAINS STANDING!

With Shii also being Menchi, I have to wonder sometimes if in fact it was only he and I on world2ch with he posting under a lot of different names. Wait a minute, what if I'm Shii? And what if Shii is RIR6? Holy shit, did I make a whole message board just to talk to myself?

Shii Today

Shii presently resides in Ancient Japan4). We're guessing in the early Tokugawa shogunate.

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