I'm going to go ahead and tell you up front that my beliefs regarding the freedom of speech are fairly radical. If the Queen of England or Arabic writing appears on your coins, chances are that what I think and say is illegal in your country.

The reason

If you're in the West, it's going to be child pornography. If it's the East, it's going to be God. Neither one are good excuses but I'm mostly going to focus on the West because that's where I'm from. Slowly but surely, governments around the globe are putting a chokehold on the Internet and using one of the weakest excuses they can think of to do it…

I hope I'm right on this one and so I'm going to go out on a limb and just say it: there's no such thing as commercial production of child pornography anymore. There are no sites that sell it and there are several good reasons for that:

  1. Given the risks, how would it be profitable? How would anyone pay for it? What credit card company would like their $1B+ brand name associated with raping children? You propose perhaps that there are alternate means to pay for it? Bitcoin? Are you serious?
  2. Who would host the site? There are no companies willing to do it, even overseas.
  3. You want a domain name? Good luck finding that too.

With all that in mind, is there such a thing anymore? They'd like us to believe it, but I don't think so…

So who says a site is censored or not?

If the government controls access to sites, then who is to say what they are censoring? Is the system automated or are there officials in charge of reviewing sites? Do suggestions come from citizens or do they review every single site? How do they afford the staff necessary for that? Is there any system for removing unwarranted censorship?

Chances are, the answer is a simple shrug because they don't know and there are insufficient provisions for such eventualities. They'd rather have you believe that they're working in your best interest. Are they? How can you know? You can't see what they won't let you see.

Was drawandquarterjuliagillard.info a site dedicated to hardcore child pornography? Or was it censored for entirely unrelated reasons?

Now that we've built the framework, why not pander to voters?

I mean, utilize it for the greater good! Yes, that's it! The greater good!

Well, now that your country has the ability to censor sites at will, they've likely discovered what I've already told you: child porn isn't a huge epidemic worthy of this undertaking. However, they did spend a vast amount of money combating it and rather than be held accountable for their bad decisions, they'll have to weasel their way into the graces of the people paying for it…

So why stop at child porn? Why not pornography that we personally find distasteful? Do Muslims vote for us? Well, we better censor anything that insults Islam. Violent video games, maybe? Hysterical housewives with stupid children are an important demographic for us! How about sites that question our nation's treatment of livestock? The agricultural sector contributes to our party. Better block torrent sites too because copyright holders pay our bills!

And it just spirals out of control as every party scrambles to pander to its core. Soon enough, the Internet is a pointless and content-free dead-end. The authorities spend all their resources monitoring it to little purpose. Soon enough, their budgets are focused on this new Internet thing rather than actual detective work that might actually do some good. So are they catching more child pornographers than they did before? Of course not, they're too busy blocking access to specific articles and ads on gamefaqs…


Here are just a few things that people within Australia are not allowed to see online. Again, remember, this began as a means of blocking access to child pornography:

  • Run-of-the-mill commercial pornography not behind an approved age verification system. (So nearly all of it. Good job!)
  • Materials relating to suicide and voluntary euthanasia (Without the Internet, they won't figure out how to off themselves!)
  • Hate speech/holocaust denial (And yet other lies/fantasies like UFO conspiracy theories are OK)
  • Anything involving piracy (Yeah, the filter was all about child porn, we swear!)
  • Anti-abortion discussion (Because fuck freedom of speech right in its asshole; otherwise you might knock it up)
  • Sites advocating terrorism (btw, the tribunal in the wake of the revolution will decide Julia Gillard's punishment, if any)
  • Sites posting other country's Internet blacklists (Which actually makes sense from a censor's perspective)
  • The Wikipedia page for Virgin Killer (probably NSFW) 1)
  • Female ejaculation porn (Sucks to be the guy into that)
  • Bestiality in any form
  • This site, more than likely
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