This is mostly about American sports. We were isolated from international competition for a long time, so we never learned how to play the sports all the cool kids in Europe were playing.

Soccer Confusion

Yes, soccer. Football is taken here, deal with it.

Why does the UK get to have three soccer teams in the world cup? Why can't we have fifty?

How can a 0-0 tie be exciting to you people? What is wrong with you? Clearly the sport is broken if this is a common outcome. The field needs to be reduced in size and the goals increased in size. Or goal keepers have to play chained to something heavy. Something, anything, please.

It may interest you to know that entire channels of my garbage pay TV package in the USA plays Premier League and general UEFA stuff basically all the time. It's probably so that they can claim to have channels of “SPORTS” by broadcasting stuff with cheap rights. I bet it's really good programming, but here it's just something played in the background of bars at ten in the morning. It's just filler here… you're welcome.

If you're in Europe and you've heard of Major League Soccer, then you already know more about it than the average American. People who care about soccer tend to watch the foreign imports, much as people who care to play soccer tend to exported. No one is watching it. This should explain why famous soccer guy, what's his name… what's his name… BECKHAM, that's it! can't get the money to build his stadium in Florida.

One of the problems with American pro sports in general (and therefore this bleeds over to the MLS, further ruining it), is that teams can't be demoted. This is one of the great things about soccer and I think it should be adopted in the USA. The San Diego Padres deserve to be playing AA teams some years…

The Designated Hitter

The worst thing to happen to baseball, ever. Even the Giants winning the World Series wasn't as bad as this.

Baseball, played by the real rules anyway, is one of the few balanced sports out there. It takes a team to win it. You have to have good offense and good defense and every player has to contribute their part to both. By contrast, basketball is completely broken: Michael Jordan, gifted with the ability to leap seventy feet in any direction of his choice, didn't need a team, he needed a few guys to pass him the ball. The same remains true of many star players out there today. Granted none are as good as Michael Jordan was even in his later years, PBUH…

Pitchers always seem to be terrible hitters. You sometimes have starting pitchers that can't get a single hit all season. On the other hand, you have a few that can manage to be “good, for a pitcher.” Babe Ruth was both an excellent pitcher and an excellent hitter. He's the Michael Jordan of baseball, the one man show. We haven't seen such a player in nearly 90 years, and we're never going to see one at all if we allow this DH heresy to persist unburned at the stake. So that's my fatwa against the DH…

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