The state of the wiki on 2018-04-08. Should be fully accurate, except for the images of which a few could not be recovered in full size. Archival notes in red.
Special thanks to *someone* for putting together this archive, something that the rest of us were too lazy to do for 3 years.
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Be advised that there I say fuck a lot, so if you don't like that, please get out.

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This wiki is dedicated to the history of, the early history of 4chan, and mocking children. Everything here is personal opinion, even the parts that look like there's research behind them. The material here is for entertainment purposes only.

Still working on styles. I am old and confused. Speaking of old and confused, someone referred to me as a dinosaur :( Through the power of self-delusion, I can only assume they meant a T-rex or a velociraptor…

History Stuff

General History

4chan Predecessors

  • (It's the most important; you can tell because it's at the top of the list!)
  • 2ch (nothing)
  • 2chan (practically nothing)
  • Something Awful (some historical content!)
  • FYAD (related to above)

Setting & Characters


Post-w2ch World


Please bear in mind that everything I write here should be considered opinion and is meant for entertainment purposes only! Do not reference this site for research purposes (do your own work!).

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