wbb.jpg (Bear in mind I've never actually played this game, so I'm mostly making shit up)

Suzuran (alternately Suziran, Suzzzzaasduaran, Waha Girl and other misspellings you'll probably find even on this site) is a character from an erogame called Suigetsu. Official artwork from the game is telling of the time and she is completely out of fashion now. She always wears an oversized striped red T-shirt with a jack-o-lantern on it (seriously, wtf?) that always seems to be conveniently lifted by every slight breeze, long black bicycle shorts that leave nothing to the imagination (the clearly defined panties beneath do that), a cloth bonnet thing on her head, and big tennis shoes that I can only guess were supposed to be erotic to the weirdest fucking people. Being that this was erogi, she was presumably the young girl among the greater potential harem. Every single thing she said was topped off with Waha! Basically she had a speech impediment, much like the whole desu thing. As with any girl that's slightly retarded, the idea was to fuck her first, you know, for experience points (I'm guessing). Her personality was slightly spastic and hyperactive. Coming out of Japan, she looked variously seven to twenty-something years-old in the fan artwork so she fit right in… I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest she was supposed to be a teenager in the game, but of course looks twelve. Blame Japan, I guess.

The fan art is presumably far more interesting than the game. The girl burst out of the chests of people in the Alien movies, reenacted scenes from the Matrix, and danced on the moon among other things that I may in fact be confusing with something else. She was a very big deal on 2chan right before 4chan started.

Pretty much the only work-safe (well, host-safe) picture I can provide (10 October 2003; assuming 2chan):


It was eventually so annoying that someone made this in response(1 January 2004; ?4chan):

I'm sure you were wondering, so I made this (original from 18 September 2003, 2chan):


(dates referenced are when I saved them, not necessarily when they were made or first appeared in the wild)

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